KRDG Kidding thread late 2020-2021

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  1. Looks like we might have babies within a few hours. Her udder has gotten tight and teats filled this morning. The little I could feel of ligs (she doesnt let me) seemed to be mushy. Babies dropped a lot and I have her in the pen...yawning, grinding teeth, breathing heavy, and licking me...which is very off personality for her.

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    Ooooo so exciting! I hope the weather's nice down in Texas for you. We are in for a major cold snap here in NC.
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  4. :waiting:

    Still waiting. Not acting the least bit in labor though I saw a random contraction a bit ago. Her ligs and body are all sunken in...udder is bigger and teats are way bigger and anytime now really. It will be 30 degrees tonight (55 right now) so I HAVE to go out every hour and chexk. I dont want to let wet babies stay in that. But im too cold and tired to sit all night with her. Pray they come soon!!
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    How is she doing? How are you?
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  6. I go sit with her for about 30 minutes at a time and other than her groaning, nothing. She looks a bit more sunken in and steep rumped...udder hasn't filled anymore but is tight. Will check her again in 2 hours.
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    Any baby Ladybugs pop out last night?
  8. This morning around 7am.

    I went out at 11:30, 2:30, and my husband at 5am...nothing all that time. I could only sit for maybe 20 minutes as it was cold! Went out at 7:30 to feed and saw her licking something and went over and saw 3 babies. She had just had the third a few minutes before. 2 does and a buck! Everything great, placenta passed and babies fed. She wouldnt feed them but would clean them. It was too cold for me to try to get them latched and they were shovering so I'm bottling. Which is ok because I need to stand train her...

    I think one of the girls has contracted tendons. Ive never had that. Gave all selenium anyway but they are tight on her. Just splint and wrap right?

    20201201_100919.jpg 20201201_094027.jpg 20201201_081720.jpg 20201201_075201.jpg
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    They are so adorable!!! I don't know anything about contracted tendons. What does that mean?
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  11. Shes walking on her 'wrists' if that makes sense. When I try to bend her feet back its tight.
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    Definitely need to do some physical therapy on the legs.
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    Sooo sweet! Congratulations! :inlove:
    Hope you will get her legs working right.
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  14. Thanks. I thought we had vetwrap but the human kids must have used it the husband is picking some up and she will be good to go soon!

    They are doing great. Mama has been yelling for them. She still won't nurse but will care for them. So she has them now and I'll bottle while we try to get them nursing if we can. If not...she can keep up with them and we'll just go out for feedings. It's much warmer now so they're bonding.
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    That’s different, wanting to care for them but not let them nurse?
    Maybe her udder/teats are sore?
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    That is funny happy kidding! I have mini Nubians due in early December as well!
  17. I'm not sure. The only time I had that happen was last year, a FF had a congested udder. But her udder didn't seem to be congested or in pain. I'll be milking her again (another rodeo....those FFs lol) this evening and we'll see. She just keeps moving away. I'm going to have my husband hold her and I'll try to put the babies on and see if she'll realize it's not a big deal. She does seem like she is having residual birth pains maybe. She was moaning still off and on. So I'm keeping an eye on her.
  18. Some fluffy dried off pics...still wobbly on the legs. They are a loud bunch lol...but very vigorous and on the go. We are keeping the one with the wrapped legs and the other two will go as bottle babies most likely.

    K7D_9719.jpg K7D_9724.jpg K7D_9734.jpg K7D_9743.jpg K7D_9746.jpg K7D_9751.jpg
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    They are so cute! I'm glad you had a smooth kidding.
  20. And a recent pic of Mercy, she's due in 6 days. A nice little break and then more babies :)