KRDG Kidding thread late 2020-2021

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  1. I didn't get around to weighing them, maybe I'll try in a bit but he was big. I had to help pull a bit when she was pushing. I knew when I had to do that it was a dang buck LOL. I saw his hooves and thought...ooooh that's a big'un haha. I was cleaning his throat a bit as he sounded gunky and she'd laid down and started pushing. I changed my gloves quickly (they were gross) and went to check her progress and the girl was already half out with a couple pushes lol. She's a little bit smaller than him but still both pretty good size.

    I always love your babies, looking forward to seeing them!! Not too much longer right?
  2. So I did weigh the boy at least, yesterday afternoon, and he was slightly over 8lbs!

    Calla is due today and def not going today. Last year she was a couple of days over. She seems to be doing something today, getting ready. Ligs are still pretty taught but have softened just now since last night and this morning. They've spread further too. Udder is still not at all filled...she usually fills mostly the day of and a bit after. We went out to play with babies earlier and they were all out browsing...Calla immediately went into the shelter by herself. I made her come out so I could check her and she went right back in. She's laying in there grinding teeth every couple of minutes and yawning every so often. Maybe she's getting ready for tomorrow...that would be nice...I have somewhere to be Saturday....LOL.

    20201210_111619.jpg 20201210_105924_HDR.jpg 20201210_105918_HDR.jpg

  3. I forgot to are Selah and King. Doing very well!

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    They are really pretty kidds! Very very nice!
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  8. 152. Nada going on. No change in udder...ligaments are spread wider (happened early yesterday) are softer than before but still feel fairly firm. She was looking spacey and uncomfortable yeaterday some. Staying in the house a bit more. This is whem she kidded last year.

    Honestly I think shes got another ginormous single...I really hope not but her udder isnt changing (though looking through pics last year she filled the day of and slightly after) I am not convinced shes bigger than last time.

    I know shes bred...I confirmed it...i have felt crazy movement...her udder HAS filled a bit over the last couple weeks...Im just worried its another big buck.

  9. So this morning I go out...absolutely NO change. I was so discouraged. I was like geeze...not even any progress that might suggest tomorrow. The husband and I went and did our grocery shopping, came back, I had to go bottle the babies so I checked on her and thought...haaay...that udder looks a bit bigger. She was hanging out in the shelter by herself and even her ligs looked hollowed out. But they were there, just spread far apart. Stuck her in the kidding pen somewhere close to lunchtime. She's mostly just kept filling her udder up all day. When I went to feed and give the babies their last bottle for the night, she had filled up pretty decently and teats had started filling. I didn't see contractions so I left her be with dinner.

    Now I debate, do I go do checks every few hours tonight. Last year she filled the day she kidded. Her ligs are still there, just very wide apart. The other two girls kidded early morning at sunrise. So I'm hoping that's what she does since we JUST got a cold front and it will be in the 30s tonight. Doe code.

    My sweet pretty girl this evening. Ready to get these babies or baby, out.

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    Go check and let us know! :waiting:
    30s is nothing, it’s 1 degree here!
    Hope all goes well!
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    I’m just teasing you! I am excited for your next kids!
  12. Hahaha 30s for this TX girl is COLD lol. It's been 40 all morning. Babies are great but shiver a bit.

    Tease away!! I ended up not going out...ugh I felt sick all night. Prob the pizza we had for dinner....yuck

    Didn't matter anyway, this morning she greeted me at the kidding pen gate looking for food. Her ligs are gone and mush...udder way fuller. She doesn't really get tight until as she's kidding. I've checked on her every 30 minutes to an hour. Just came in and she seemed to have had some light contractions, at the stage where every time they pee...barely anything comes out, and she's allowing me to touch her udder now which usually means we're close...but I can't remember how close haha. She wanted me to stay in there and pet her non-stop but I was sooooo cold I had to come to warm up a bit. Hopefully, some progress when we go out. Anytime now Calla....anytime now...
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    Aaaaggghhh babies!
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  14. Soon! I'm out here for good now. We have goo hanging, pawing, and strong babies should be here shortly!
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    Oh BOY ITS KIDDING TIME!(woot)(woot)
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  16. Well...IDK. I made her go for a walk a bit as she was just back to standing, staring, and grinding teeth. Could y'all whisper in her ear that like now would be's gonna be dark in about 2 hours and uuuggghhh. I really don't want to do this in the dark and cold. I had to come in a bit, my rear was hurting sitting on that chair lol. Come on Calla!

    It wasn't the streaming goo...only about a couple inches of clear goo. I did give a quick feel with the finger and didn't feel anything right there...
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    Calla, listen girl, now would be just the perfect time to kid. (pray) Your momma's starting to get impatient and you and I both know that there's nothing stopping you from getting going right this very minute. And while your at it give her a real easy time of it. Absolutely no shenanigans. Let 'em out nice and easy and your momma love you for it forever and ever.
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    How is she doing?
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  19. She FINALLY kidded around 7ish. She had a ginormous single DOE! Beautiful little girl with ears for days. But man she is big. I will weigh her in the morning and get better was dark. She's up and has nursed and doing great so far.

  20. She had that massive single buckling last year too. IDK what's up with these huge singles. Her FF year she had twins. Any ideas? She eats the same as all our other girls and they've all had multiples...
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