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Lamancha Evaluation

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I am considering purchasing this Lamancha. She is a Possum Hollow Farm Doe, I will include a pic of her papers. Thoughts on her lineage, conformation, etc would be very helpful. She is a 3 year old due to kid in one month. She dam raised her kid last year and her owner just skimmed a quart off the top once a day, so her milk production numbers are kinda up in the air.... She was dried off when the kid was weaned. I would be getting her after she kids, kids not included. I appreciate everyone's insights!


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LOVE HER COLOR...Im not great on conformation, I just know what I like lol...her conformation doesnt look bad over all.. her udder does seems small...for her to be due in a month I expect to see more building there...teats are good size.
I like everything but the udder, which concerns me may reflect a low milk production. But I had a doe that dried up to nothing until the week before kidding too, so....
Yes absolutly she could blossom closer to kidding....but with her being three...she should have more "flesh" then what I see...if she has kidded each year...if she is a FF then there is that possibility she could balloon out closer to kidding...the question is..are you will to invest in that chance? I had a few that just never got better and sold as pets ...tiny little udders...low production ect...with that said..she is beautiful...its just go with your gut : )
I have a month til she kids to see how she progresses and how things look once she freshens, and I'm not obligated until I choose to take her home. She is a FF, this will be her second kidding. I hope she does blossom! :)
The hair change on the back of the udder is way low but looks like a decent overall family milker.
I agree with TDG-Farms. Her rear udder looks like it'll be very low-set, so if she ends up having a lot of udder capacity, her udder might not last very long. Overall, though, a pretty girl! :)
For those that dont know about the "hair change" if you look under the vulva down to where the hair growth changes directions, you will see the cow licks. This is typically where you can expect the rear udder of the udder to be. You want that as high as possible and as close to the vulva as well.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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