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Barbed wire is pretty worthless by it's self to keep goats in but you can add hot wires between the strands of barb wire and make it an effective fence. Even better is to electrify the barbed wire itself. A better option is 4ft tall woven wire installed tight to the ground with a strand of barb or hot wire on the top to get you to the 5ft mark. Putting the wire tight to the ground keeps predators and local dogs from getting in as easily and the strand on the top helps keep the goats in. We use this method and have seen dogs run the outside of the fence but have never had one able to get in the field. After a couple of years the grass grows over and around the bottom wire and it is pretty much glued to the ground after that. Obviously welded wire panels are the best for keeping in goats but they are not really an option for 35 acres unless you are independently wealthy. They also make 5 and 6ft tall woven wire which would be good but it is also much more costly than standard 4ft fencing with a hot wire on top.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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