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Don't think I've totally lost my mind, but your less socialized goats remind me a lot of "normally socialized" llamas.

Llamas are sort of weird animals for most people, Here's this huge, plushy, hunk of fur with killer eyelashes over sleepy eyes. And if you baby or over handle it when it's little, it's dangerous when it grows up. So you want handled, but parent-raised, llama-bonded llamas. And llamas don't hover around licking their crias, so petting (which is licking with your hand), is intrusive for them, rather than pleasant.

So most llamas that have been "raised right" don't really crave touching from people. But they will work with you, and they will bond with you as herd leader, and in time they become good, solid, dependable friends. And llamas, like goats, will literally "lie down on the job" if they don't want to go where and when you do.

Marty McGee Bennett has a program called Camallyid dynamics that I've used for llamas, camels and "dangerous" horses for many years. It has worked for me to turn around nasty, scared, spitting llamas, and horses who were dangerous to the point they were slaughterhouse candidates. It is based on working with your animal's natural flight response. In effect you use the lead rope to keep your animal "balanced" evenly on all four feet, reducing it's urge to flee. You also teach it to lead from outside it's flight / fight bubble, so the animal is more able to think of following than panicking.

This is the url for her website

Honestly, I know I'm explaining so it sounds like some fluffy new agey thing, but really there are some demos on her site where you see how you loop the rope on the animal by using a long pole, balance the animal's feet by doing kind of a soft "see saw" thing with the rope, and start working on leading from a distance, and then decrease the animal's fight / flight zone in a small or round pen.

If a person is in my area, I'd be happy to help them. I've got a goat I'm planning to try it with. He's a 6 month boer-cross wether who's been following Cabra. So far I've caught and balanced him and done a little leading. I expect it's going to work.

The thing is, I don't expect he'll ever be as personable, or interesting, or bonded, or friendly as Cabra. Maybe I'm wrong. The llama's sure have an attitude change, and it doesn't take that long. I'm curious to find out.
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