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Leaning Tree GF. Doodle Dandi

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Dandi is getting big. :) She is filling out nicely and is starting to really look mature. She'll be 10 months in a couple weeks! I can't wait to get her back in the show ring next spring. She finished out this year with 77 points, so we had a blast showing her!

She is SOO sweet and a breeze to handle... I just love her to pieces!

Had to share these pictures from today. :)


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This is Dandi (left), her sister Dearee Me and her full older sister Deeno's Pride competing in Get of Sire and Produce of Dam... :) They won both. The 2nd pic is Deeno's Pride and a daughter out of Mr. Rich as the yearling champions.

I just got these pics from a friend. :)


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So will you breed her this fall or wait until you are done showing her?
I am glad you asked that Karen because I was about to ask the same thing.
She's so pretty!! :)
We are going to breed her early next year hopefully. :) We are actually hoping to AI her, so we'll see how that goes!
I bet she's gunna have super cute kids!
I honestly cannot wait to see her kids!! Wow! I am sure they will be stunning :D
Oh my gosh she is stunning & your pics do her justice.
She's a looker thats for sure! (If I was going to breed her later, I'd breed her to kid on a holiday, I had an Alpine kid on Halloween once :D )
Thank you! :)

I am so excited about breeding her. We have several straws from the same buck just in case, so I'm sure hoping she'll take. I think we are going to have our friend who is going to AI her take a look at her soon to see how she looks. I'm hoping the Ruger line will cross well with her!
Oh my gosh she is stunning & your pics do her justice.
Thanks Nancy. :) She's a fun goat to get pictures!
Now lets hope she has a doeling! ;) Would you retain a doeling, too? I sure would!
You bet! ^ Here's hoping she has two!! :D
You bet! ^ Here's hoping she has two!! :D
She'll have two bucklings now :laugh:
Victoria ( hope thats your name!), I keep trying to look at your site, but I keep getting a "Error site not published" "site does not exist" or "page not found" message, happens why I google it then click on your site too.
I'm getting it too.... Editing your sight by any chance?
Hmmm... I was editing a couple times today but not recently...? Let me go re-publish it and see if that helps. And yes, Victoria is my name! :D
I'm getting the "404 not found" thing too.... Thanks for letting me know about it! I'll see if I can get it fixed. :)
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