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I didn't know that my sheep had CL and i didn't know it would spread to my goats. next year when i sheer i will mark the CL sheep and cull them. With 250 ewes that is a big job. and separate the young ewes from the old during the winter when i feed hay in the manger. In three to four years i should have a handle on the CL in my herd
But what do i do with my goat herd. I have 30 goats. I have been separating the goats with CL sign. waiting till the hair starts to fall off the cl lump then i take the goat to my yard to drain the lump. i use my yard because goats do not get in it and spreading CL here is minimized. I swab the lump with iodine dip the scalpel in iodine and lance the lump. using a paper towl to catch the puss i squeeze as much of the puss out as i can. then i flood the puss cavity with iodine to kill any bacteria that i did not get out.
This seems to be working for the number of cl cases i have is dropping. is there any thing I could do different.
will i ever get control of CL
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