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    Jul 6, 2008
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    So, I am getting ready to put ads up places looking for someone with a couple acres I can use to raise my goats. I do not really want to do this but I just don't think my cousins want to do this anymore. I am scared of animals getting sick out there and not being treated right away (as they would be if I were there all the time). Not trying to talk badly of them, they are hard workers. . . . sometimes. But they just don't seem to have their heart in goat-raising as much as I do. . . . and I am nervous for my animals sometimes.

    Anyways, I live in town with a really nice set-up for goats but not big enough for as many goats as I'd like to have. So, how many have to drive to where your goats are kept? If you do not own the property, how do you work out leasing or paying to use someone else's property?

    I am thinking of advertising a partial lease of healthy, disease-free herd. I would provide feed (hay, grain, minerals, feeders, etc.) I would also come out at least once a day, in the afternoon as I volunteer most every morning. If they could feed hay in the morning and then I'd come and feed grain, check on everyone in the afternoon. How does this plan sound to you all? I would only ask of the person to feed hay and maybe grain in the morning, I would do everything else.

    We live pretty close (about 5-10 minutes) to an agricultural area, so I would love to find someone there. Anyways, any suggestions, ideas, or thoughts? I've never done this before but really need to figure something out for my goats and I cannot imagine having to sell them.

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    Re: Own Your Own Property or Lease?

    we own our own land. ;) but I just want to say good luck . . .hard decision, stressful task. :thumbup:

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    Re: Own Your Own Property or Lease?

    Yeah, I know the majority here do own their own land but I thought to ask. . . .
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    Re: Own Your Own Property or Lease?

    We own but I know that a couple people said on here that they rent. Try finding an old farm place that doesnt have many or any animals. Ask if they wouldnt mind you using some of the barn and pens to house your goats.

    getting someone else willing to feed could be more tricky. I would plan to have to get up extra early to feed on cold mornings or when does are lactating. Otherwise i am sure they will be fine with once a day feeding
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    Feb 17, 2008
    Re: Own Your Own Property or Lease?

    I rent right now... well my mom does. he he he

    Renting is good, but I don't like it. There is always the fear that they might stop renting to you for one reason or another.

    Right now the rent includes use of the whole barn. We can do what we want with it since the guy is clueless about animals and dosen't really care what we do. lol.

    The drive is about 5 minutes. I usually go twice a day in the spring, summer and fall. In the winter when there is going to be bad snow storm I lock up the goats tight with extra hay and only come once a day.
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    Re: Own Your Own Property or Lease?

    we own..... :)
    good luck on finding a place for your goats..... :wink:
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    Re: Own Your Own Property or Lease?

    Thanks Run Around. :) That is the part that makes me nervous, that they would back out. But I am thinking we could sign an agreement, right? For at least 2-3 years, that I won't back out and they won't either? I don't know. It would have to "feel right" with the person for it to ever work. My neighbor has over an acre across the street from us that he said I can use some, so that's really nice! All I do is walk across the street to feed! :D But there is the problem of having a buck or two, that needs to be worked out.

    To me, if I had lots of land and nothing to do with it, this would be an ideal opportunity. You get some goats to watch play and have fun with, hardly any of the work, (maybe 2% of the work load) your property is kept up, etc. I am SUPER clean with the barn, my brother and sister make fun of me for how clean I keep our barns/pens, so that's a big plus for the person leasing to me. Well, now I am rambling and will shut up. ;)

    Anyone else who leases? I don't need to know if anyone owns their land so no one has to answer that one, just need some tips from those who rent/lease or maybe if someone has any other ideas for me.
  8. Bona Fide

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    Oct 9, 2007
    Re: Own Your Own Property or Lease?

    The biggest problems I've seen before in renting is the owners feeling they have the right to put their own animals in with yours or move your animals somewhere else after you've fixed the property up ---

    We personally own, I've leased ground, but never put animals on leased ground - just crops.

    We've also put on horses on another property..."free leased" if you will - and it worked fine, we just made sure they were on rotation and we primarily kept them there during the day and brought them home at night or did "stints" of a week or two...or when we were weaning babies, moms would go to another property.

    Either way make sure the contract is all inclusive and there may be stipulations like you have to fertilize after leaving..whatever. It sounds like a great idea just remember land owners can get awful wishy washy on demands and wants and they can do it overnight, so keep a contract that is all inclusive but doesn't make them feel trapped and good luck and enjoy.
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    Re: Own Your Own Property or Lease?

    We own, goats are out just past the backyard. Their fence wraps up around the side of the house up by the driveway and goes down the hill. We don't have a lot of land, and only have about half fenced at this point. We have a lot of work yet to do. The cool thing is we're really good friends with the people we bought our land from and they've offered repeatedly to let us fence in more for the goats. Heck even to grow hay across the creek where its really flat and long. But there's too much kudzu out here and blackberry vines.
  10. Epona142

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    May 25, 2008
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    Re: Own Your Own Property or Lease?

    We own and rent. Does that make sense? :?

    We own an acre of land that was once part of my grandmother's land. We're still working on it, so right now we live in my grandmother's house paying rent. I can't wait until we're in our own place!

    I hope you find a place, I remember living with my parents and they always rented, sometimes we had nice places with lots of room for chickens and ducks.
  11. KW Farms

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    Re: Own Your Own Property or Lease?

    Our goats are all on owned land. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I would feel really uncomfortable and vulrable if I had them on someone elses property. JMO.
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    Re: Own Your Own Property or Lease?

    Well, not everyone is as fortunate as most of you. So, I just do the best I possibly can with what is available. I didn't post this to hear what people have that I don't so maybe I'll just delete the thread. Got some good answers from some people so thanks for that. :)
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    Re: Own Your Own Property or Lease?

    Well the title implied you wanted others opinions. And no one was trying to flaunt anything in your face. Just saying what they did and what worked for them.

    Personally I don't own my own land. I was lucky enough to find a local Boer breeder. My goats stay at his place and he takes care of them while I'm away at school. In return I do general chores when I'm around and show his goats for him. He buys feed and I take care of things like wormer and medicine and what not. Pretty much everything but feed. There is no written agreement or anything. Ken's a good ol boy. Maybe I'm being too trusting but it has worked for me.
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    Re: Own Your Own Property or Lease?

    Yes, I meant to change that and will now. I did write in a recent reply made:
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