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Well the last week or so had yielded a new ride for Legion (my pack goat).

Been looking for a high canopy to replace the standard one I have had on the truck since taking Legion as a 4 month old to his and my first Northwest Pack Goat Assoc. rendy near White Pass (Washington). It worked great then but at about 10 months old, he was already to big for the standard size. So for about the last 8 or 9 months I have been hunting craigslist for a new one. Lots of spendy ones or good cheap ones that I wasnt fast enough to call on. So the hunt went on.

Till, last week I found one that was real nice and WAY cheap. The only problem was I have a short bed and this was for a long bed. But I figured if I couldnt make it work by doing some custom wood work on the back of the tail gate, I would just resell it and make a profit. Well here is how the week turned out.

Bought the long high canopy for $125.00
Mess around seeing if I could make it work and decided na.
Posted it on craigslist for $350. Sold it the next day :)
A couple of days later I am checking craigslist and BAM! I find a short one that will not only fit, but its newer and the same color as my truck! Takes a few days to set up a time to pick it up, but all works out. Even better only paid $250 for it :)
So in the end the total cost for Legions new higher canopy... $50.00!

First pic is the old one.
2 middle pics are of the new one.
Last pic is of the long one I resold.

He still hits his horns on the top of the new one but at least he can pic his head most of the way up. I am guessing by next spring this new one will have to go and ill have to custom build a much taller one from scratch. But this will do for hunting season and winter fishing :)


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Nice! And it looks great.
A couple of trucks ago I had the high canopy for my truck (like the one you got rid of tho, I swear it was higher). It worked great for work purposes but I sold it with the truck. When I need that extra 6 inches for work, I do miss it. I hope Legion loves his new comfort ride.

My parents just got a huge cap for their truck. They removed the tailgate, it's got walk in doors, and it's so high I can almost stand up straight (sure I'm short, what of it?). They found it used for a song.

Happy Fishing and Hunting.
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