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LGD eating mineral block. What to do?

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We bought a new mineral block for the goats and our Great Pyrenees is eating off huge chunks of it! Is it ok that she has this? I just don't want her getting sick!!! Should I take it away from them tonight?
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The indirect answer to your question is loose minerals are much better, have more in them, & are easier to consume. Inotherwords they will get more from loose than the block.
So yes, take it away.
We give them loose mineral also. Can the dog have it?
Maybe do a research on the internet. I would suspect that all that molasses wouldn't be good.
Did a little research... Could it be she doesn't have a diet with good nutrition? We have her on cheap dog food right now but we are mixing it in with a better brand. Do you think once she gets on a healthier diet she will stop eating the block?
Ok. Once we get her on the new food we will put the block back out. Glad we've got the problem solved!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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