LGD's for sale NE OK/NW AR...

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  1. We have puppies for sale. We are asking 100.00 for them. Please see our site below for pics and info. (4) boys left. We also have two does left for sale as well.

  2. RPC

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    Wish you lived closer so that all white little boy could come live on my farm.

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    aw! they are so adorable
  4. 7acreranch

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    Mar 8, 2010
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    Wish you had a female. We are looking for a mate for our little guy. We brought home some new does last week and I swear he looked at me and said wheres my girlffreind.
  5. Well, thank you everyone. For those intererested shipping is an option.

    As for the female, Ruth will have a litter shortly so I will let you know when. I know you are close enough that one of her pups would be worth it for you all. Tristan of course being the sire. I will end up keeping a male from that litter but the females all will be for sale. The girls from this litter just went fast. So I will let you know first so that you have dibbs.
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    Mar 8, 2010
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    PLease let me know when you have your next litter.
  7. I sure will...sorry on the delay. Car issues this week. One of these days life will get normal so I can get over here more.
  8. I am working on getting some new pics up now. I can't wait. They are looking GREAT for 8 weeks old!
  9. Well, it is done and here are some of my favs.

    This is the gang. For just being 8 weeks I am so proud of these guys.

    Here is one of three dens that my girls have made. This one was made by Ruth last year, but Callie has made two others this year so there are plenty to choose from. HEHE


    Here you will see just how much Tristan loves his pups. He really takes part in the raising of the pups. It is amazing. Of course Callie has been on board as well.


    Here you can see how LGD pups behave after always being with goats from day one.
  10. Stripe, the tri-colored redish colored male is flying to NY tomorrow.
  11. At this time the white puppy is to be shipped to MI.
  12. White one is going to KS so that leave the White and Tan one left.
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    Im telling!!! You shouldnt be posting those puppy pics on here. I mean, I can ooh & ahh at baby goats but LGD pups are a whole nother story. :grouphug:
    John they are just beautiful I wish we had more space I would add another.
  14. Yea I have not decided if I am keeping on of the boys or not?
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    Could I be added to the list for contact when you have more puppies available?

    [email protected]