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My very healthy doeling (5 months old) suddenly has three scablike areas on her neck and front of her throat. Her skin seems very dry in these areas and the hair is sparser. She is itching them alot also. The "scabs" are really stuck to her skin but do not look like lice when I get them (though I have terrible eyesight). They are caramel in colour.
She did come form a herd that was just diagnosed with lice but I have seen absolutely no signs until this morning. And I've checked daily for the last two weeks. Really, not even a bit of dry skin was noticed and then this morning - boom!
My whether has nothing on him but I am treating him with sulfur too just in case.

Yesterday she spent time in deep bramble and I am wondering about ticks too? Maybe they are scabs from bites?

Anyway, I am putting sulfur powder on her and will go get co-ral just in case. What about ivomec? is that only for cattle and used for goats or is there one just for goats? and what is the dosing for goats?

Help please!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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