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So I've been looking at places to get goats, and I'm thinking that an older Nigerian dwarf wether would be best. First of all, I haven't found very many older wethers for sale. Am I missing something or are they just less common? I HAVE found a lot of 'senior' does and bucks though. They are all about 4 years old tops... That doesn't seem very old to me! Is there something else that makes them "senior"?
Depending on where you live, look up Farm Sanctuary - we have one where we live here in town, they usu have goats and sheep to place...
I think the people who have older goats are bonded to them (or else they are placed, or eaten)--
what I do see is on Craigslist, people who have to move and need to place their animals, that might be one solution, and you would be doing a good deed...
The most recent ad that caught my eye were people who were trying to place a group of pygmies from a petting zoo....
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