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Lily's baby girl:D

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OMG- SO ADORABLE! Wishing it wasn't two months until we had our first babies. Lily's a lucky mom, and I am sure the baby is lucky to have a surely great mother!
Aww! She looks just like her mama! And i had to take a double glance at those eyes, lol at first i was thinking my goodness she's got some big eyes. :) those markings are too cute. :D
How old is the baby as of now? I know standards need 8 ounces of colostrum within the first 24 hours. I am not sure on the recommended amount for minies, but the time frame is the same. The sooner the better. I would hold mom down and put the baby on, or milk her and give a bottle asap.[/QUOTE]

I would recommend milking mom and putting it in a bottle (just in case mom ends up rejecting the baby) and holding mom so the baby can nurse. If you can get her comfortable on a bottle and with mom this will ease the transition to a bottle if you have to go that route. Hopefully you won't have too...

Beautiful girls!!!
She was born at 12 noon today. I just held mom a few times to make sure baby got the colostrum she needed. Lily has calmed down now and is letting her baby nurse:) this is her first baby. Her previous owner said she accidentally got pregnant when she was 6 mos old and attempted to have the baby while she was at work. She said the baby was huge and lily was only able to get the head out and the baby died :( so this is her first baby to care for but shes doing great now she was just nervous and scared at first.
GREAT NEWS:fireworks:
I posted a new pic yesterday but it somehow vanished so here's another. I've decided that I will be keeping her and named her "Pretty In Pink" but just "Pink" for short :)

Plant Flower Petal Working animal Pink


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She's almost as cute as Peggy Sue was at that age! ;)
She is too cute in that pink coat! I think the name suits her!
Thanks, she is quite the little character with a big personality:D
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