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    Nov 22, 2008
    I read some time back (cant find it now) that you were supposed to use lime when cleaning out a barn. Exactly what is it for, and can you use any kind of lime? I have a bag left over from a mortar/brick house project from the winter and dont want it to go to waste if I can use it. It is a kind of lime I got from the lumberyard to mix in with mortar mix when mortaring a river rock fireplace.
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    I do not know iff that is something you really want to use, I could be totally wrong.

    The lime we use is also known as Sweet PDZ. It helps to absorb the moisture and it really cuts down the urin smell. we also use it in the stalls when we go to shows to kill anything that might be on the ground. we use bleach and then the sweet PDZ on top of that after it dries a bit..

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    This quote is taken from Fias Co Farm's site

    So from this I would say that no, you can not use it on the floor at it is hydrated lime. You can make a whitewash out of it, but use dolomite lime for your flooring.