Linear Appraisal, A total goat addict, and crazy lady...

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    Mar 3, 2010
    I went to visit a friend of mine today who breeds very nice Nubians and some other nice breeds. Really I went to learn to disbud (she's a vet, and a really good goat person), but I thought...hey, I'll take a look at the kids too...because you know, adding to the herd now means they'll be mature by the time I want to have more of them...and...

    Yea, so, unbeknownst to hubby, I put money down on two new lovely does. They aren't coming home yet until weaned, so I have a little time to him into it.

    I know very little about goat showing and linear maybe someone could interpret?

    Doe #1 Mama:
    GrandSire: SG Kastdemur’s Final Justice ++*B LA 90 EEE
    (littermate to 1999 National Champion)
    Sire: Lakeshore-Farms Wild at Heart LA 89 VVE
    GrandDam: SGCH Lakeshore Farms Ace of Hearts LA 91 EEEE
    (2003 National Best Udder)

    GrandSire: Dancers-Ridge GF D’Artagnan
    Dam: GCH Kori-Brook DRD Ria de Ranza 3*M LA 88 EVVV
    GrandDam: SGCH Kori-Brook WCC Esperanza 2*M LA 88 EVV

    Doe #2 Mama:
    GrandSire: Willow-Run Gideon +*B
    Sire: Kori-Brook WRG Ransom *B LA 89
    GrandDam: GCH Kori-Brook DRSV Reese 4*M LA 92 EEEE

    GrandSire: SGCH Kori-Brook Sir Isaac Newton LA 90
    Dam: SG Kori-Brook Isaac Jolie 1*M LA 87
    GrandDam: Kori-Brook Winston Jetta

    They both have the same Father:

    GrandSire: GCH Round-About Smooth Vintage ++*B LA 83 +VV
    Sire: SGCH Dancers-Ridge Southern Vintage *B LA 89
    GrandDam: SGCH Dancers-Ridge Southern Belle 1*M LA 90 EVEE

    GrandSire: GCH Round-About Smooth Vintage ++*B LA 83 +VV
    Dam: SGCH Kori-Brook Un-Break Mi Corazon 1*M LA 92 EEEE
    (2006 National Champion & Reserve Best Udder)
    GrandDam: Kori-Brook Solamente Amor

    So...can someone help me understand what these words mean? What's the B stand for?
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    Only bucks have those, that I know. I think that it means that the sire's dam has a milking star. But maybe I am wrong. I too am learning.

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    Oct 4, 2007
    the higher the LA score the better and I do believe that a 90 or 91 is Excellent and the Letters stand for the different areas of the goat accessed and E = excellent so anyone with all "E's" is a superb animal
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    yes, excellent starts at a 90. The B is only on sires, and the characters after them stand for progeny and parents performance, here is a good link for the terminology.

    it can get confusing when you're new to dairy goats, but just know the more stuff they have by their name the better lol. :leap:
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    Feb 17, 2008
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    Mar 3, 2010
    Awesome guys! Thanks so much. I'm used to looking at horse grading scores etc. but goats are pretty new to me. I'm so excited about adding these girls to my herd :) They won't be coming until May, because though they are bottle babies, I'm not quite ready for that yet (I'd be a paranoid mess) and I need to add more stall space, but ooh, once they get here I'll be sure to post pictures!

    Conversation with the husband was funny last night:

    (me): I was so surprised how little space the goats require. I mean, keep in mind, I'm used to horses, who require SO much space.
    (dh): Yea, they are rather space efficient
    (me): I can see expanding the pasture up here, I am also surprised at which hay they are picking [they seem to be snubbing my really super-nice hay and preferring the grassier stuff that the horses waste more of]
    (dh): Yea, they are efficient that way too
    (me): So, you know [insert entire conversation about my goat-breeder friend and the kids]
    (dh): You know you're going to have to quit your job don't you? [chuckling] I guess that would be the point


    Off to learn about linear appraisal - thanks for the links guys!
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    sounds he's in!