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    So i got to go to my first LA last monday, i didnt do my goats this year, was going to but we got so busy i just didnt have time. However i went to a friend of mines farm to watch hers get done. The apraiser was great, betty has had goats for over thirty years. I learned tons, she was a wealth of information. We had lots to talk about, thins we liked and didnt like about vertain goats, what makes a good udder and a good goat. One of the more interesting topics was the MSL, and how long it is. the length is what determines where the udder will set. I knew some about all of this but she went more into depth about it.
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    I'm trying to get up the nerve to have a LA here. But, like you things are so weird this year. I'd love to see one though. How interesting! When will your friend get the "results"?

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    For linear appraisals, do the does have to be in milk and "uddered up"? Can they be appraised as dry? Also, do they have to be show-clipped? Just curious. I would like to get our herd LA'd next year but not quite sure on all the details. . . .
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