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You may be under dosing, what does she weigh?

Pen G and thiamine,
vit b complex is good if nothing else is available but I recommend straight thiamine RX as well, along wit Dex instead of banamine, but Dex has to be closely supervised by a vet. High doses every 6 hours non stop around the clock until no symptoms are present, then it is another 24 to 48 hours minimum after that continue and wean her off slowly by giving it every 8 hours, then every 9 hours ect, unless she relapses, then, you have to increase time again to where she was doing good. You have to keep it up.

No metacam.

Nuflor will do nothing.

Make sure she eats, if she cannot chew well, soak some Alfalfa pellets and dilute in water. Slowly feed it in a big syringe or turkey baster, with breaks in between.
Every so often, don't make a lot at a time. Make a new batch every time.

Give electrolytes/water as well. She cannot maintain her body temperature so be sure she has some kind of heat source, but not to hot if she cannot move away from it.
I'm interested in this thread as I have a goat with listeria. The vet was out last night and I've got everything listed here but she didn't say anything about eating. I'm going to try the alfalfa pellets wet and syringe now. Anything else I can do. She just developed it on Saturday. Her left eye doesn't blink so I have Optixcare eye lube that the vet gave me and have to put in her eye at least six times a day. Was wondering if I could give her some oatmeal from the house if she'll eat it. Or water it down or is the alfalfa the best way to go. Seems the fever has come down today but she's still shaking a bit and stumbled this morning which is a first. Not circling just standing in the sun today.

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Alfalfa pellets, grind them up then add water to it, so it goes through whatever you use easily and slowly feed it to her at the back corner of her mouth in a huge syringe (no needle), or turkey baster, or a cleaned out probiotic paste tube syringe, works well. Only if she can swallow.
It gives her good nutrition and is good for her rumen.

Are you giving high levels of penG SQ every 6 hours along with thiamine?
Maybe some fortified vit B complex SQ to help with appetite and probiotcs.

Are you giving banamine or Dex under a vet guidance?
It takes down swelling from the brain.
Without it, she won't improve with that pressure there.

Make sure she get electrolytes.

Get her up and moving around if possible. If she can't walk just making her stand is good for her.
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