Little Boy with Front Leg Issues

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by TexasRanger, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. TexasRanger

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    Feb 2, 2010
    San Antonio, TX
    Snicker's finally gave birth on Monday. :leap: She had twins, a boy and a girl. Both have good appetites,temps,etc. Except the boy has some orthopedic issues. He walks on his front feet the way a person with broken ankles would if there was no pain involved, he is showing no signs of pain/discomfort. He gets around pretty well. His feet are kinda turned inward,almost pigeon toed like, it's hard to explain unless you see it. No, I am not going to have him PTS for this issue. If it doesn't straighten itself out, I'll just wether him and keep him as a pet.
  2. nancy d

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    Oct 5, 2007
    near Seattle
    Congrats on the new babies!
    Just recently a little doeling was born like that so I know what you mean. I gave her some BoSe & within about a week they straightened out. They probably would hae straightened out on their own regardless but I figured she could use a the help especially since she was the smallest.

    What is PTS?

  3. liz

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Try giving him some selenium/vit E gel, sometimes that helps with leg issues. Congrats on the birth!
  4. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
    Corning California
    I agree with Bo-se should straighten those legs up ...withing a week.... also if... they are real bad.... I put a make shift brace on they can still walk and lay down .... :hug:

    Congratulations... :leap:
  5. Muddy Creek Farm

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Keokuk, Iowa
    I had this issue with a few kids as well. They'll straighten up, even if they look completely horrible right now! Congrats!! :)
  6. nutmegfarm

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    Dec 22, 2009
    NE Ohio
    Don't worry. Mine that are large-boned walk on their knuckles quite often and they straighten out in a week or so:) Bo-Se will help a lot too.
  7. DennisThomas

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    Feb 10, 2010
    Harlingen, Texas
    Good Morning from South Texas (Sorry for the long post its our intro and question combination).
    My name is Dennis, my wife's name is Mary we are not new to raising goats, we had up to 50 at one time. Decided to scale back to five does and no buck when we started to work on our new property and build our house at a different location. Six years later we are setteled and have rising grandchildren that are interested in showing at the local stock shows we are consequently back in the goat business. The wife loves it.
    I can say with the herd we had before, mostly boer percentage, we did not have the problems we are having now. Not implying anything. We are having problems we never had before and therefoe at a lost as what to do.

    Currently we have a full time bottle baby doe, she is 97% boer, born 1-31-10, birth weight 4lbs., todays weight 5.5lbs.. She is displaying weakness in the back legs, one leg she holds up but drags it. She also has the look of under developed hind quarters. We feed her 5-6oz whole cows milk four time a day. We were able to milk the Mom and give the baby the colostrum the first two days. After reading on your site, another sites and from THe Goatkeeper's Veterinary Book we have determed it could be selenium deficiency. The doe was ketotic two weeks before birthing triplets. Which we pull her through drenching with Goat Power Punch and B Vitamin Complex twice a day until she gave birth and was eating full feed on her own. Putting the information together is how we came up with the deficiency conclusion. I have Bo-Se but unsure how much to give a 5.5lb baby without overdosing her.
    I don't believe this will straighten out as time progresses, she has regressed this week and lost 1/2 lb on top of it. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    Dennis Thomas
    South Texas
  8. farmgirl42

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    Jan 2, 2010
    Eastern Ohio
    Hi, Dennis. Welcome from eastern Ohio.

    I am a newbie to goats, but it sounds like you're on the right track. I think the dosage of Bo-Se is the same for adults or kids, but I'll let someone more experienced answer you for sure.

    Good luck!
  9. nancy d

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    BoSe is 1cc pr 40lbs.
  10. DennisThomas

    DennisThomas New Member

    Feb 10, 2010
    Harlingen, Texas
    Thanks I will give her a shot shortly and let you know how she responds.
  11. DennisThomas

    DennisThomas New Member

    Feb 10, 2010
    Harlingen, Texas
    Re: BoSe amounts

    I gave the doe kids her shot. My next question is, how many doses will she need, or will one dose be enough, and how soon will she start to show signs of improvement. Thanks
  12. AlaskaBoers

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    May 6, 2008
    Wasilla Alaska
    one should be enough...though not sure how long it will take to kick in
  13. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    one dose should be enough -- I have heard of giving a second dose but after talking to a vet about it the other day he said its dangerous and he wouldnt recommend a second dose so close together. So stick with the one dose.

    Kid should respond within a day or so
  14. DennisThomas

    DennisThomas New Member

    Feb 10, 2010
    Harlingen, Texas
    Ok, we'll wait. Thanks everyone.