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Lorelai was a twin doeling born to Cupid on March 11, 2008. We noticed some slight discharge on Cupid while doing the evening feeding. Went ahead and put some fresh hay down in anticipation of the birth, but figured we had a while as she was not showing any other signs. Went in for about 10 mins to start supper and noticed the other goats looking and then leaving the area. So I went out to the barn and saw two babies on the ground. Well unfortunately, one of them was apparently stepped on after being delivered. She had swelling in her belly and we could feel a few broke ribs. We cuddled and fed and kept her warm. Gave her meds but to no avail she did pass in my arms March 13, 2008 at 7am. She will be greatly missed. She had a sister Rory that seems to be doing well considering they were about 3lbs each.

This one shows her swelling little belly.

This is her sister Rory

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