Liza's quads! I got blue eyes!

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  1. So here are some close up face pics. Couldn't get good body pics yet. I was looking today and it seems that one of the buckling for sure has blue eyes, and maybe the others?? Couldn't tell real well thier pupils were pretty big from being in the dim barn.

    #4 I have dubbed this girl Screamin Mi Mi. LOL you pick her up and she jus SSscccreeeeeaaaaamms, not as bad today but we were crackin up when she was born!

    #1 doeling, I think she is blue eyed?

    #2 buckling, he is OBVIOUSLY blue eyed

    #3 buckling, not sure about eyes?

    Will get more pics as they get more active!
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    Cute kids...human and goat... :thumb: :greengrin:
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    Nov 30, 2009
    The kids are adorable, and the boy is definitely blue eyed!

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    They are just adorable Tisie!!
  6. THANKYOU!! I am pretty fond of them! :wink:
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    awww they are so cute! The first one looks like the eyes will be brown, the boy looks blue so far. Blue or brown eyed they are still so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!
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    I don't think the doe looks like she will have blue eyes, but you never know. You got such neat markings on these kiddos!
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    Very cute babies and the blue eyes are gorgeous!
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    Looks like you definitely have at least one with blue eyes-maybe two-but blue eyes or not-the are ADORABLE! congrats...
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    Congratulations! They are so cute!
  12. Thankyou!!! :lovey:
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    Awwww they are adorable!!! Congrats!!!!!