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  1. What is the longest you have waited to have kids hit the ground? :hair:
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    Sep 27, 2008
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    Im not much help havnt been doing this long. But I had a doe go all through the night and stream all the next day. She didnt deliver till about 9 that night but she did have problems to and the baby was stuck and had to be pulled. Probably not exactly what you wanted to hear but that is what I have dealt with here.

  3. Bellafire Farm

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    Jan 5, 2010
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    All of mine have kidded fairly quickly once they went into labor....probably an hour or so. But I notice a BIG difference when I keep them way up on their minerals, vitamins, supplements, etc. I REALLY stay on top of their copper & selenium & free choice minerals plus sea kelp and they've kidded pretty effortlessly so far the last 3 years. (knock on wood).

    **Edited - I say an hour because some of my girls have this "wonderful" game of staring innocently at me when I come out in the pouring down rain, in my PJ's w/a flashlight @ 3am to check on them...they all look peacefully up at me with those sleepy eyes, so after about 20 mins of monitoring I go inside to "sleep" (yeah right)... then an hour later I go back out and Poof! the doe is laying down pushing out the last kid or standing over freshly kidded happy healthy babies! ARGHHHH!! I swear they watch me leave and then turn to eachother and say..."Hey ladies, she's gone now...lets all start pushing!" :GAAH:
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    With each of mine....I wait and watch for the entire "thinking about it, gearing up to do it, definately ready to go" phase so it makes for a very long wait!
    Normally from the start of serious pushing to seeing that first bubble takes 5-10 minutes, once that bubble appears kids are on the ground within 5 minutes. My Angel is the exception though...previous 2 deliveries she wasnt doing the normal gearing up my others do, she literally just sat down and pushed...2 kids within 2 minutes both times!
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    JD... are you meaning in gestation days or when they actually start to kid?
  6. lol sorry it took so long. I was talking days. For some reason I thought I remember someone saying 171 days here but I am thinking it was maybe 161 now, Sorry for the confusion.
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    I had one that went over 160, I don't remember what day for sure, just that she went a few days over 160.
  8. It may have been 161 I was thinking. LOL I said 171 on another group and everyone tought I was nuts. LOL It's beem a while though so I may have remembered wrong.
  9. Bellafire Farm

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    I have Nigerians... 147-150 days...usually right on 150 for us here....had one go 151 last year....
  10. sweetgoats

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    I hand bred all my does for last years kidding so I had the bred date, and most all my does drove me totally crazy :hair: they went between 162-166 days. I kept going back and double checking the dates to make sure I had the due date correct.
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    NP... :wink: :laugh:
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    My earliest was day 147 & her sister about 112 or so.... no thats not typo just exasperation.
    Last yr Lela had a puny boy out in pasture I chewed her out brought her & kid in. Decided might as well round up a few more for the kidding pens. Turned around she delivered two more, this was a whole 2hrs after the 1st one & no assist. The buckling was maybe 5lbs but the others a few lbs bigger.
  13. Thanks at least I was not that far off. lol