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Wonderful! Here's a link to my thread that has pix and prices.

and some more pix here:

They were both born in late June. Even though their birthdays are within days of each other, Applejack is definitely the more mature of the two. His dam is a grade nubian (28" tall) and his sire is an F2 mini nubian (29" tall). Don't know if he'll be too large for what you're looking for, or not. He sure is a handsome boy, though, and a real sweetheart, too.

Guinness is the smallest of all the goats we had born this year. He's only about 17" tall so far. His dam, an F1 mini nubian, is 23" tall. His sire is the same as Applejack's. He tends to act more like a baby still, but (shrug), you know how fast that can change :) He can be registered, but we haven't done so yet, so if you're looking to keep costs down, that's something we can talk about.

If you'd like to come and meet them, let me know.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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