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Hi All,

I am just putting this up to see if any of y'all have a full Nubian buck in the Huntsville, AR area. Or Elkins, AR. I am in Japton, but most folks haven't heard of it as it is a tiny place! :laugh:

I have used an acquaintance's Nubian buck in the past, and whilst he is nothing special he produces beautiful kids. However, I now have two of his daughters I wish to breed, so need to find a new buck. They are pure Nubian so I would like to have pure-bred kids, if poss.

I'm not planning to breed right now, but need to re-jiggle my herd and if I can't find an ideal buck in the area it may be my Nubian does that get sold.

By the way, they are about 15 months old - should they be bred that young? I am hesitant to do so but everyone tells me they are plenty old enough.

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