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Sweet Gum Minis said:
That would be great, come up with our own poems here! :D
[align=center]When I became
a goat mom
I was all smiles
and grins,
because my first
goatie offspring,
were a pair
of bouncing twins.

But alas, I could
not keep them
(The thought still
brings me pain.
The first I sent
to Egypt.
The second went
to Spain.

The Egyptian goat
I called Ahmal.
The Spanish
twin was Juan.
But sadly I
lost contact
with these, my
goatie spawn.

My goats were gone
to far off worlds;
to the other
side of the pond.
I sent letters
seeking pictures.
Of those goats
I had grown so fond.

I finally got
a pix of Juan,
but that just.
made me bawl.
For nothing
came from Egypt.
No photo of
of Ahmal.

My partner
flashed a smile.
A smile which
did enthrall.
“Remember, those
goats are twins.
If you've seen Juan,
you've seen Ahmal.â€[/align]
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