Lost cat now found!

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    Ok so most of you know i got two new cats last month. Well beau and levi had to find a new home. I love them to death but they were into everything to roudy to be indoor cats. They were on our counter in the sink knew how to open the cupbords and the kitchen drawers. So i found them a happy home as barn cats at a riding stable. there are always kids around so they will get plent of play time and attention. They live in a heat controlled tack room and get all the excess energy out by catching mice. Plus i know the lady that owns it and i get to go see them whenever i want. I couldnt be happier with the arrangement.
    In the meantime i was feeling justa bit bummed that they were gone, well the man the owns one of the hardware stores here came into work yesturday, mentioning he had kittens out in the car. of course i wanted to see. And guess what they are tabbies and bobtails! Just like my old cat fizz. of course i brought a little girl home. She is kind of shy. but it warming up. Well this morning i get out of bed and cant find my cat.....im looking everywhere under the bed in the cloest under couches tha bathrooms in my desk. Its like she vanished. I had to go to work, and my mom and brother continued looking to no avail. They had to leave about noon. I came home from work about three, hoping to at least see some of her food gone. nope its all there. I am beside myself from worry wondering where she could be. I tear apart the house again looking for her with no results. i finally sat down at my desk to check my email hoping she will come out of hiding. I suddenly hear a loud meow. She had somehow gotten under my desk from the back. Its only about three inches, i didnt think she could fit under there. its such a tiny space. but now she is safe and sound again asleep on my bed.
    Pictures soon!
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    Oct 4, 2007
    awe I am so glad you found her -- she sounds cute

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    congrats on finding your cat.... :thumbup: :hug:
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    Apr 2, 2009
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    AWWWW!! So sweet!!
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    You must have been frantic!! Cats find the darndest places to hide in and when you start to think that they could have gotten outside...they reappear! Glad that the little fuzz ball is safe and comfy and I know that she knows that she had you worried, kitties are very keen on that.
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    Jan 7, 2009
    I'd would have been simply crazy with worry! She sounds adorable, can't wait to see pics!
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    ok i have been meaning to post this. Im going on two weeks with this girl and she still has no name
    im stumped.....

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    glad you found her...
    what about Silver as a name?