Lost kids and sick goats - LONG!

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    Oct 6, 2009
    Hello! Thank you guys for all of the information on this site. I haven't posted in a while but I read the website regularly and it has been really helpful in this learning process.

    We started out with 5 Commercial Boer does and a Purebred Buck last fall and had a fairy good kidding session last year with 1 loss (doeling) and 4 healthy does and 8 bucks. This past summer we bought a mixed breed milk herd to cross with our Boer bucks - 11 does including 4 maiden alpine looking girls and 4 doelings. This expansion of the herd has been interesting and challenging. On top of that, these milk does were kept with a buck fulltime and some of them could kid at any time. We live in Canada so we breed for kids in the Spring when the weather is better. Anyway onto my current issues:

    Yesterday morning one of the maiden does delivered twins. While we had her in the barn, we didn't have her under heat lamps and she was in a bigger horse stall with a friend rather than a smaller kidding stall. The temp outside was about -7 celcius. My husband feels he made it out there about 30 minutes after kidding but both kids were gone. Lesson learned - the maiden doe did not bag up like we had expected. I think they were born alive but perhaps she didn't let them get any warm milk in their bodies. The little buck had wattles :(

    When we fed this morning, one of the Boer doelings (born last April) looked off. Put her in the barn and she is standing with her head up against a wall, not eating and looks like her back legs were shaky. Was fine yesterday. Help!

    Also, my 3 year old Boer doe kidded with triplets in the Spring and toward the end of summer she was really down in weight despite lovely pasture and good feed. I weaned her kids a little early and she went up in weight a bit more. Her haircoat looked pretty dull and shaggy. Wormed her with 6cc Ivomec. About two weeks ago she started to drop weight again and then a week ago she started scouring - dark and smells bad. I pulled her grain and wormed her with another 6cc Ivomec. A week later and she still looks terrible. Is there something else I can do for her?

    On top of it all, on of the milk kids born in July is completely missing this morning. I have looked everywhere - the only thing I can figure is that a coyote came in the pen and got her - doesn't make sense though...ugh!

    Thanks if you read all of that!

  2. Oh man, so sorry you are dealing with all of this. I myself have only had goats for a year now, but in order for the more experienced people on this forum to help, they will want some basic information.

    Temp on all "off" goats
    check eyelids for pinkness

    Next thing I can think of is a fecal to see what worm load you are dealing with? When you wormed with the Ivermec did you do it again in 10days?

    That should be a start. I'm sure more experinced people will be along soon! good luck!

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    I am so sorry... for your losses...never easy.... :( :hug:

    Get a temp.... could be pneumonia...if it is high... start antibiotics... give Banamine or vit B complex for appetite..... and drop the fever.... I use an antibiotic called Nuflor....

    keep her in a draft free pen... out of the cold weather....

    On the Doe with scours and is down on weight....get a fecal done for worms and Cocci....to me... I believe she has cocci..... with her scouring color and weight loss ect.... Stop grain...

    When you worm with any wormer and they have a big worm load....do it again 10 days later ....to get hatching eggs.....

    Wow.... a missing goat....that must be very frustrating.... :hug:
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    Oct 29, 2009
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    I agree with Pam.... sounds like a cocci problem. :( Luckily coccidia is easy to treat though! I use Baycox and/or albon.

    I am sorry to hear of your missing goat. :( Do you have mountain lion in your area? If not then it was likely a pack of coyotes. Normally when dogs are the problem you'll find a carcass.... cats tend to take them away. :sigh:

    Hopefully you are able to figure out the problem with your goaties and all will be better soon!!!!! :)
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    Oct 6, 2009
    Temp on the doeling is 103 - I am thinking I should treat her for pneumonia with penicillin and I bought some B12??

    The older doe doesn't have a temp - 100.3. I'm thinkin cocci. Doubt I will find a vet locally that does fecals - I believe they are sent away. In the meantime all I could find at the farm supply store was a bolus for calves that is sulfa based. Should I give her that for now and try to get SMZs tomorrow?

    Thanks for the advice and support.
  6. toth boer goats

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    Your welcome.... :thumb:

    Normal temp is 101.5 to 103.5 anything higher is a fever or they are over hot from weather conditions or from ...doing alot of activity........sounds like... your doe is normal.... and doesn't have pneumonia... but keep an eye on her temp... It is OK to give B12.... for appetite... :wink:

    She may have a tummy ache ...try giving her ....some probiotitc paste and baking soda....for 3 days.... her rumen could be off.... don't feed any grain.... until she is back to normal.....

    How are her gums and eye color?

    On the cocci stuff.... if you can get the other stuff for her tomorrow... I would wait and start her on it ....tomorrow......it isn't good to start one method and switch to another..... :hug:
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    Oct 3, 2010

    At about 5 months old they still feel the need to sneak into a small hole or crevice, do you have any of those around? It does seem odd that she just disappeared without any evidence of where she is. Have you tried shaking a grain bucket?
    Sorry, I dont have any advice for your other goats.
  8. echocreekranch

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    Oct 6, 2009
    Ok I'll see what I can get from the vet tomorrow.

    So if her temp is normal, I cannot figure out what she is so off....I mean I could give her a shot right now without holding her that's how zoned out she is.....she wanders around a bit until she finds a wall to bump her head into and stops there....very strange.
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    The kid that seems dazed....get some B complex into her, she may need the thiamine just in case this could be polio, with a suspect case in my 5 month old nigi doeling I was giving her 8cc every 4 hours SQ so you can give high doses without causing harm, dazed and shaky hind legs (ataxia) can be sign of the encephalitis form of CAE which can occur in affected kids, that one is a longshot though.
    As far as the missing kid, my bet would be that either a big cat got her or she was spooked and ran to hide and likely succumbed to the cold.
    I do think you are dealing with coccidia in the doe as well, the calf bolus you mention is available at my local TSC...I've not used them but they are 5 gram sulmet I believe, dose is 1 oblet for each 50# on day 1 and 1/2 an oblet for each 50# days 2-5....IF you go with these, stick with them for the duration of treatment. Also, with hold her grain and offer warm molasses water to entice water intake...you can also give her dry oatmeal to help bind her poop.
  10. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
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    I agree with Liz.....Is she star gazing ...like stares in one spot..blank stare?
    Is there any weakness in her legs.... circling to one side.... head tilting?
  11. echocreekranch

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    Oct 6, 2009
    She is very dazed and stares at one point on the ground....I gave her some hay just now and she sort of acted like she wanted to eat it and moved toward it and then, rather than eat it, she moved her head from one side to the other over and over again very slowly then took a step toward the wall, thunked her head and rested her head there...never did eat. Hind legs are very shaky.

    Thanks for the advice on the bolus. There aren't any goat people around here so it's nice know how to use the cattle products...

    I have heard that there are cougar in the the area....I can't imagine she is hiding somewhere in the pen....I think I would hear her by now. Kids are staying in the barn at night now....time to find a LGD. I'm not sure the llamas are doing the job.

    Looks like the second maiden is going to kid soon.....at least she's in the kidding stall with the heat lamps on. Do maiden does need help with nursing every time....is there a chance she'll feed the kids on her own if I'm not here when she kids?

    Thanks again for all of your help.
  12. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
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    sounds like what Liz mentioned....... treat her for that.... :( :hug:

    I would still make sure ...they get their first colostrum......and remove the plug from the teat...as sometimes... the kids may need a little help.... to find the teat or may be weak..... even if mom is a pro.... Also Sometimes... the momma's may have complications.... :hug: