Lost my baby today :( Not 100% sure why

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    Sep 12, 2012
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    I lost my 6 week old baby Pygmy boy (bottle baby) this morning, Bucee (named after a popular truck stop chain here in TX), and I wanted to know if anyone on here has experienced anything similar since the cause of his death still remains a mystery.

    Last Thursday I got home around 1pm and let him outside (he was staying in a dog pen in the house most of the time since the other goats didn't really like him and he was so small). He was probably outside for 15minutes before I brought him back in when I noticed that he was having trouble balancing and that he looked bloated. I put him in the truck and went to our local vet right away where they used a tube to let some of the gas off of his rumen and even used a needle in his side to help relieve some of the pressure. After that they gave him some mineral oil and an antibiotic shot and sent him home and told me he would be fine.

    After having him home for no more than 10 minutes, I knew something wasn't right. He seemed to be doing worse than he was before I took him to the vet and was very weak. He was just laying there limp and not wanting to do anything so I called the vet back, but of course they had just closed. After that I kept my eye on him, then decided it would be worth the drive to take him to the Texas A&M Large Animal Hospital (one of the top vet schools in the country) because he was not doing well and they are only about an hour and a half away (thank god)

    When we got there they listened to his gut sounds and passed a tube to let some of the gas off again and got a sample of his rumen content. In that sample we found out that all the "good bacteria" in his rumen had died to to it being too acidic. To correct this they transferred rumen content from a donor cow into him and kept him over night.

    The next day (Friday) when I went to pick him up they said they hadn't had much luck getting him to take the bottle, but they said it was most likely stress and that I should be able to get him to take it at home with no problem and that if he wasn't nursing vigorously by Monday to give them a call back.

    Over the weekend he would act hungry and normal at the start of every feeding but then he would only drink 1/4 cup of milk (when he should have been drinking 2 cups) per feeding then loose complete interest and start to act lethargic.

    On Monday morning he did the exact same thing so I did as they told me to and called back. They didn't seem too concerned and just said that maybe I should just wean him and start him on regular feed and hay. I tried to offer him some pellets and hay with little interest. He would nibble at the pellets but wouldn't really eat them so I continued to offer him the milk.

    Tuesday night around 10pm I noticed he was standing stretched out again and seemed uncomfortable. He seemed bloated again, but this time it was more the underside of his belly that felt bloated, not the sides like it had been before. I called A&M back and decided that it would be best to bring him on in.

    We got there around midnight and they did a physical on him and said that this time the bloating felt more like fluid then gas. They said they were going to keep him overnight to observe him, then do an ultrasound and blood tests in the morning and give me a call.

    I got a call early this morning from them saying that around 6am he had started doing very poorly. His temperature had dropped and he had begun to have a seizure then suddenly died :( They are going to do some more test to see if they can determine a exact cause but they said some possibilities are that he could of had an infection in his GI tract that his body just couldn't handle, he could have had something wrong with his liver, or he could have had a tear in his bladder causing it to leak.

    I just don't understand why my baby died so suddenly, and why they wanted to wait until morning to work on him when I brought him in as an emergency :GAAH:

    Sorry for the novel, but I wanted to make sure I included all the information I could. Have any of you experienced anything like this with a baby before? I just feel so terrible that he died :tears:
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    I think you did everything that you could. Sometimes the babies just don't have the strength ... I'm so incredibly sorry. I lost one of our babies this year to urinary calculi. It hurts very badly.

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    Aug 3, 2011
    I'm so sorry you lost your baby.
    I know how hard it is, as I lost an 11 week old kid to enterotoxemia recently.
    Sometimes, no matter what we do, it's not enough.
    It sounds like you did everything you possibly could to save your little guy.

    :cry: Again, I am so sorry.
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    How awful! I am so sorry. :( :hug: You did all you could. If I had been the vet, I would not have waited till morning! But there may have been circumstances we don't know.
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    Apr 19, 2012
    So sorry , you did the best you could though.
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    I'm so sorry about your little Bucee :(.
    I agree, you did everything you could have! I know you're frustrated about how long they took, but I'm sure he got very good care. I really, really hope that they can give you some answers because there was obviously something serious going on. And despite you doing everything possible for him, not even the vets could help him.
    Makes me wonder if it could have been a congenital problem. I lost a young, seemingly perfectly healthy falcon one day. I was flying him for excersise (like we did everyday) and he literally fell from the sky as if shot. He was dead when I got to him but I still rushed right to my vet. Necropsy revealed that he had a weak wall in his heart that just burst. Vet said he died instantly. A congential defect, they said.