Lost our first doeling - RIP Abby

Discussion in 'Rainbow Bridge' started by echocreekranch, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. echocreekranch

    echocreekranch New Member

    Oct 6, 2009
    We lost our first kid tonight....and the first doeling born on our place. I'm not sure what happened to her. We disbudded and tagged her yesterday - everything went fine and she seemed fine up to and after the event. We did notice her standing funny, like her back was hunch up yesterday but didn't think anything of it.

    When I got home tonight she was out in the straw pile and I thought she was gone. When I picked her up she made a little squeak so I ran her to the house and started warming her up but she never made it. :sigh:

    We are certainly learning about goats the hard way. We've only had our little herd since October and have now lost our buck and this little doeling.
  2. greatcashmeres

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    Jul 13, 2008
    I am so sorry for your loss of Abby. :( Loss is never easy-my heart goes out to you. :hug:

  3. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    awe I am so sorry -- did you make sure mom didnt reject her after the disbudding? if she wasnt able to eat then starvation can kill them
  4. echocreekranch

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    Oct 6, 2009
    No, I don't know for sure that she didn't reject her. We spent several hours with them after the disbudding and everyone seemed fine but that is a possiblity....
  5. farmergal

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    Jun 19, 2009
    Northern California
    I'm so sorry. That is really awful and sudden. :hug:
  6. RunAround

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    Feb 17, 2008
    Sorry for your loss. :tear: :hug:
  7. Epona142

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    May 25, 2008
    Madisonville, TX
  8. Lawanda

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    Jun 11, 2009
    West Virginia
    Ia m so sorry for your loss. I know how you feel :( We have not had goats a year and have had so many losses I felt so responsible, and like I should give up, but I am trying out different goats now (Nigerian Dwarfs) and hoping for the best!
  9. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
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