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Well spring 2013 closed up with the only show we made it to and a GCH Jr doe in ring 1 of 2 - and wonderful placings on the girls. We started breeding a few for fall/winter kids and had some changea on the farm this summer.

We have added 2 California rabbits, 8 guineas, 3 gold sex links, a banty, and a rooster ...... oh and my 2 beautiful horses .... a 22 year old import german warmblood to piddle around the farm with and a 6 year old tb or appendix to long distance trail ride with ;-) we also added mini manchas this spring ..... do you see a pattern coming here .... yep trying to go self sufficient again!!!

The other big news (for those that have known me for a few years) my husband and I have lost a good bit of weight over the last few months..... my husband 45 as of last month and 30 for me!!! This is huge - especially for hubs - as he is diabetic. After 4 months he lost 45 pounds and his A1C went from 9.3 the previous quarter to 6.1 ... the dr's thought the blood test was wrong!!!! He is diabetic - took himself off insulin, quit 2 of his three oral meds and is down to one diabetic pill of the last medication (instead of 4) twice a day. If he can get off that last pill and maintain a 6.0 A1C for 3 or 4 consecutive tests he will no longer be labeled "diabetic! I am over joyed with his success!!!!!

We also entered the Brazos fair in a couple weeks and hubs is actually going in the ring ... cant believe it!!!!

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