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    :shrug: Boy, I feel like I forgot EVERY THING I ever learned about my goats!!I'm kinda hoping you all can put your heads together and refresh my memory and keep me on the right tract so I do the very best for Bandit and the kid/kids that are due on Sunday :grouphug:
    Bandit has some discharge from his eyes. It's clear mucus, not really pus. Is it OK to use Sulfacetamide Sodium Ophthalmic Solution for humans on him?

    I used Sol-Met on my Kizzy. When do I start it? How much is the first dose? How much for the next 4 doses? Once a day for 5 days, right?
    When to give CDT? I know you have to wait until their immune system is up & running. For some reason, 10, 13, & 16 wks is in my head, but I'm not sure why!! :hair:
    It's been so wet & chilly here, does Bandit need a puppy coat to keep him warm? I know I sound like a 1st time mom, but since I lost his twin brother, I just want the best for him. How will I ever give him up?
    Thanks, Candy
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    Hi there! :greengrin:

    Sulmet you dose at 1cc per 5 pounds for the first day and 1cc per 10 pounds day 2-5.
    You can put a coat on him, I put coats on some of my kids when it gets chilly. If they seem comfy I don't think they need it. I put it on them when I see them all scrunched up and cold looking.

    I don't vaccinate so I don't know about when to give the CD/T shots.

    I don't know about the eyes :shrug:

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    Oct 4, 2007
    First off clear discharge out of the eye is nothing major unless his eye looks irritated. More then likely it is the pollen (REALLY bad here) or some dusty hay that caused it.

    If that stuff you mentioned is pink eye treatment for humans then yes it works great for pink eye in goats (personal experience) but dont use it right now, he doesn't need it

    Sulmet is for cocci and I only treat if I see signs for it. If you want to do prevenative then start it when he is 2 weeks old or so. But again I don't think you need to as you dont' need to mess up his system unneccessarily. Any meds you give them at a young age should be kept to a minimum.

    The vaccine CD/T is given when they are 6 weeks and 9 weeks old (booster) any earlier then that it is not effective so I have heard.

    I wouldnt' put a puppy coat on him, he will stay warm enough with his mom. You dont' want him catching a cold because he is not able to regulate his own temperature with the coat on. Unless it goes down to like below freezing suddenly he will be fine.

    Don't worry abotu forgetting things ------- I do it all the time in crisis situations, just ask my friends who I come running to :oops: it is just part of life, when upset scared or nervous we don't remember even the simplest of things.
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    Hey Candy...been awhile since you had little ones ! The Sol-Met is not something I've used, and Kizzy really wouldn't need a cocci drug...unless you are wondering about putting her on an antibiotic because you had to fish for the twins legs? As far as the little guy's eyes well at 3 days old, and it being clear, I'd just wipe them with a warm wet cloth to keep them clear. CD/T well I do give my girls their vac a month before they deliver and depending on wether or not theres one with a dis bud coming I will give a kid the 1st dose a day or so before the burn...to get the tetanus in their system...if no disbud then I give at 4 and 7 weeks...2.5cc each dose. I'm sure Bandit and Kizzy are nice and snug in their house and he will snuggle to his mom to keep warm...a coat at these temps may end up making him too warm...50's thru the day and mid 40's at night is still warm even with a chilly rain. If you see him shivering and hunched because he has a chill then go for the coat other than that he'll be fine! Remember Binky delivered in the single digits...there was a need for kid coats then..brrr.

    The Sulmet being used to treat cocci, if you want to do a preventive dose on Bandit, they usually aren't suseptible to a cocci overload til they are around 3 weeks old...then you dose it for 5 days..the "double dose " being on the first day. Personally, after Chief having the cocci last year and a 5 week old kid getting it this year, my vet suggested I do "preventive" with my girls after delivery so the kids benefit with nursing...she suggested Deccox in their minerals...which is also in certain brands of goat feed. Hope Bandit and Kizzy continue to do well!

    If you feel that you were "deep enough" into her to need to give an antibiotic, I usually dose with PenG at 3cc for 5 days.
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    I ment Sulmet NOT Sol-met--Had a brain fart--LOL--thanks for the info
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    How do I post pictures? I want to 'show off' my boy! LOL
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    Candy, if you go to the photogenic section, Stacey has a step by step post on how to do it...wanna see the girls too.......please :greengrin:
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    I did it--but forgot to resize--SORRY I'll do better next time--maybe I'll send the picture of Katie in her wedding gown or the one where she & I are taking a "bath" together LOL
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    Liz, I just checked Katie and her ligaments are GONE--all mush--black & white kid/kids on the way. Hope she lets me sleep.Candy