Lotsa baby goats! $125

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    Feb 21, 2011
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    I don't have to tell you guys all this - but I am helping out a friend with some extra whethers around so here's some info!

    Have weeds? Effective weed and brush control just set 'em loose and watch the thistle, grass and brush get mowed down - way easier then pushing a mower!

    Need meat? Even though these guys are from a dairy breed they are castrated so the hormones that would typically be in place to regulate growth are eliminated and they can easily weigh over 100 lbs if fed accordingly! Small, compact, but a good supply for home use, dog food, etc.

    Have dogs to train? Why not something small and not too intimidating? Easy to keep when they aren't being worked too!

    Lets not forget how much personality and spunk they have! So much fun in such little packages!

    Baby boy (whether) goats! Nigerian Dwarfs are a mini breed so these guys are excellent for kids as pets or show projects! Can be shown 4-H and NDGA.

    Some are close to weaning, others have a few weeks. All are disbudded (so no horns) and can be tattooed and castrated before going home if you like! Or bring them back to have it done! about a dozen available, every color, shade, spot and pattern imaginable! And blue eyes on some too! All are VERY friendly bottle babies. $125 each