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Red Lotus Nigerian Dwarf Goats
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Have we got a doe for you! This beautiful doeling was born 10/22 and is a stunning dark chocolate with random bits of white. We were going to keep this girl, but we are already retaining her other two sisters and we want some wiggle room for the does we have due in December. So we unfortunately have decided to part with this girl. She is no less beautiful than her sisters, she boasts a lovely square build with sharpness all around, length of body, FLAT bones and pliable skin, and the structure of her rump and hips is just fabulous. She has a bowling ball escutcheon. This girl needs to be in a show ring in the future!

Her dam, Pocky, is a grand-daughter of the famous Gay-Mor RA Kingwood ++*S. Pocky's udder is very well attached, her teat placement has improved with this freshening, and she has a butter soft udder texture and is quite easy to milk. This doe is dairy all around in conformation. She is quite comfortably feeding 4 kids right now -- the only reason she's not feeding 5 is because that little guy was too weak from birth and needed to be inside.

This girl's sire is proven as a producer and comes from gorgeous stock at DesertNanny. Comanche is a FULL brother to DesertNanny BR BlueBerryBuckle *S/*B.

Pictures include her paternal grand-dam, and dam's FF udder (we will be getting an updated udder pic SOON!).

This doeling's pedigree is as follows:

Red Lotus CM Cortana
DOB: 10/22/2012

SS: DF Farms HD Barney Rubble +S/+B
SIRE: DesertNanny BR Comanche Moon *S/*B
SD: DesertNanny Icy BlueTailFly 3*M/3*D/*DD

DS: Lost Valley KW Eskimo Joe *S
DAM: Lost Valley EJ Pocky Bliss
DD: Lost Valley CM Impression 2*D

We are selling her for $350 firm.

There is the possibility we will sell her as a bottle kid -- Cortana easily takes a bottle, as she needed some help at first (took her a few days to figure out where mom's udder was). We would want to hold her until she was 4 weeks old to be sure she had a good start before letting her go to a new home to be finished on bottle. She could be finished on whole cow milk if the buyer does not have a source of fresh goat milk.

This sweet girl will come with AGS and ADGA paperwork. We will happily provide NDGA paperwork at the buyer's request, though we no longer participate with that particular registry. Cortana will be disbudded and started on CD/T before leaving.She will be weaned around December 10 to the 17th. Buyer must pick-up or arrange for transportation.

To deposit and hold her for you until weaning, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required. Buyer will have 7 days to pick her up after she's been weaned, otherwise she will go back up for sale.

Don't live in AZ? While we can't readily get to an airport right now, we have been recommended Open Arms Transport, who comes with glowing reviews from folks using them to transport their goats

UPDATE 11/24 -- This pretty girl is on a bottle and ready to go home anytime now. We are happy to announce that we may be able to ship via airlines, too!

She squished down no matter how high I held the bottle, so her topline looks off. Trust me, she's VERY level!


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