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Hi all!
We got our first goat (have only had sheep before) yesterday who is a Saanen yearling, she had a doeling last week who died the day before we picked her up. Unsure how well the doeling was feeding. Goat is lovely and well mannered and when she got here at 2pm yesterday had a very full udder. I milked her out as well as I could - it was her first time being milked so she was a bit unsure. Got a litre (1/4 gallon).

went back to milk her around 8pm not expecting a lot and sure enough got 1/4 cup.

went back again 12 hours later this morning and only got a 1/2 cup.
Udder is nice and soft and not hot or tender. One small firm, but not rock hard lump high up on one side. Not bothering her - I massaged it and milked her out as thoroughly as I could. Goat is happily eating, normal poops, alert and bright eyed.
Small amount of mucous in her nose (clear, and a bit white this morning).
She’s on good quality hay, plus some goat mix grain at milking, minerals, and free choice baking soda.
I just got alfalfa pellets in today (feed store was out yesterday) so I will start that too. ACV in her water and I gave her an extra vitamin C crushed up in some peanut butter this morning in case the runny nose was something.

anything else I should be doing to help her milk supply back up? I assume she hadn’t been milked/fed off for awhile before she got here hence the fullness,and that this could be why her overall supply is not great now?

Am going to try milking her 3x a day and see if that helps and lots of good food. Anything else?

oh and she’s from a dairy farm so I assume reasonable genetics for milk production!

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If they didn't milk her at all, she may have dried up. You can try milking multiple times per day to try and increase the milk yield. The alfalfa pellets should help.
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