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Ok - had to share!

My mastiff mix - Luna - who I talk about all the time - as I love her so much and she really keeps me laughing...

anyway, we had to go out of town this past weekend to Seattle, so I decided to stop by this new place that has "doggie daycare" and boarding. I checked it out and it was awesome. They let the dogs play all day except nap time and bedtime, that is the only time they are in a kennel. So I decided to board her there.

Saturday they were having a Halloween party for the pets and they said that they would dress her up for the party and everything. I called on Saturday to check on her, and they were all excited to tell me about her day and that she was right next to the owner playing and that they had pictures that they took of her.

Then I called to check on her on Sunday, and left a message. When they called me back, immediately, I forgot that I had my phone on vibrate, and missed the call. But they left a message for me that the owner's son, who is an artist and painting each kennel a theme room, and has the whole building beautiful, has fallen in love with my Luna

So in the message, she says that her son has painted Luna's picture on the side of the builing OUTSIDE! I couldn't believe it! So last night when we were driving home I had my hubby stop to look (we can't pick her up till today) and sure enough there she is sitting with a Lai on her neck next to a palm tree! It is awesome.

I will take pics and show you my new Super Star!
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