Lung worm?

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    Feb 28, 2017
    Hi. We just bought our first two goats this past week. We had gotten some ducks from a lady and she had about 30 goats and we had wanted them for awhile so we bought two Nubian 5 month olds. We are first timers and soon realized they had hoof rot. We are dealing with that and believe we have it under control but one of the goats is also coughing a bit. It's not an unbelievable amount but enough that it was worrying me. I picked up and treated for lung worm because that seemed to be the most logical reason for the coughing. I treated both of them this morning. Tonight when the bigger one coughed there was a bit of blood on his muzzle. I am going to try and find a vet tomorrow but what I'd like to get an idea about is if lung worm can cause bleeding like that or if it is more than likely something else. It wasn't a lot of blood and his nose is not runny, I haven't taken his temp yet but I plan on that tomorrow. And I am honestly not sure about his breathing but I'm pretty sure it's not labored. I don't have any previous experience to base anything on. So could it still be lung worm with the blood and also if it's not was there any harm in giving him the worm medicine. Thank you for your time. I'm freaking out a bit because we are already head over heels for them and I hate not knowing what to do.
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    Hi! I don't have much advice for you, but wanted to reply so you'd go back to the top of the list where people will see your question. It seems important to figure out what's wrong. One thing that would probably be of benefit no matter what he has is copper bolus--goats need lots of copper, & it helps fight parasites & fungus too. Usually you have to get copper boluses online. Even though I buy the loose minerals that have the most copper & feed other supplements, mine still need copper boluses more than once a year. Good luck with your new goats! Nubians are so pretty!
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    Definitely find a vet. Sounds like there is something more going on.
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    I agree on getting a vet as soon as possible, doesn't sound right.