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Haven't been on the spot for the last three months (although my husband has under my name) cause that's when I got my three little boys. I have never loved an animal so much n I have a lot of animals! We have had some trials n tribulations. The farmer who "whethered" them did a bang up job n two weeks ago we had to have two of them have one giant testicle clipped and one almost bled to death. Thank goodness they are fine an made it through that. Now they have to have hooves done and are the most lovey little things till u touch their hooves. They are sooooo sweet n follow me every where. The have a 90 acre farm to roam n luv the horses. The only thing they do bad is eat my mother in laws rosebushes n the chickens feed. Ty all for your advice in the beginning with feed, housing, and everything goat! U guys rock.! I would have never made it without you guys.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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