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    First off, let me do a little background on the situation:
    once upon a time, there were 20 cousins living happily in the mountains of idaho, all living within 5 minutes of each other. *related on mother's side.*
    They played together 24/7 and as they grew up, they confided their troubles with each other.
    Then their parents had a big religious conflict and the family ties and bonds were completely shattered.


    My cousin Neal who is 6 months older than me and was one of my BEST friends growing up, got married in Mexico *where he, his family, and my grandma are now living* a few months ago. I couldn't attend the wedding, no matter how much I tried/wanted to. No money and no time.
    So my other cousin David *also Neal's cousin* came home from a Mexico to South Dakota to *home* Idaho trip a few days ago, and another one of my cousins went up to his house to get a disk of wedding pictures.
    David's wife's exact words were, "the bride and the groom have decided to keep the photos in the family and they aren't available to outsiders." (She happens to be 'family' because her sister is the one who married Neal.) :sick:
    That was a slap in the face for both my cousin Lydia *who was the one who went for the pics* and my mom and me.
    I am really really *searches for a decent word* MAD. :veryangry: and hurt.
    I grew up with this guy, I'm his cousin and they dare tell me I'm an 'outsider'?
    Are all families like this or is it just mine????
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    The only thing consistant with family is inconsistancy. Just when you think you know and trust someone...that's when you shouldn't turn your back.

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    That is so true. I have never met more poisonous people than relatives.
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    I'm sorry you are dealing with such conflict within your family Talitha, but I grew up hearing these exact words..." You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family" My dad was the youngest of 18 and I have NUMEROUS cousins...only a handful of which are close to my age. By the time my dad was born, he was already an uncle so most of my cousins were married by the time I arrived. Sad, but these things happen within families and yes, even family can be more spiteful than friends because when it comes to's blood that binds, not friendship.
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    It sounds like... the new wife is controlling... I would try to talk to your cousin without her around... it you can't go in person.... then do it by phone... and find out how he feels.... sounds like... his wife is not a very nice person.... to keep family away from each other..... I wish you luck.... :hug:
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    :) Thanks you guys. What I am going to do is call Neal up himself and ask him whether or not I can have his wedding pictures and knowing Neal, I bet he will have no idea what the heck I am talking about. Then I am going to confront David's wife and tell her that Neal said I could have the pics---because Neal could care less about such things . . .
    I think they are trying to keep the bad attitudes in their family lines. :p They all ended up marrying people who had mental issues ten times worse than themselves . . . sigh . . .
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