Maddern a wet hen - injury pictures included.

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    I hate people sometimes - now, I'll admit, I've shot at dogs before - don't let it seem like I'm being in another reality - if a strange dog comes on our property and threatens our animals - it's going to be shot (shot at) PERIOD! If a strange dog comes up here and threatens US it's GONE - if it's just a lost dog, we look for a collar - no collar, we run it off - don't shoot it. Heck it took all I had when we had to shoot MY baby for killing a goat - talk about tearing out my heart - it tore it to shreds...but THIS IS UNCALLED FOR!!!

    My dog was shot in the backside - EVERYONE on this hillside knows my dog and HAVE fed him at one point or loved on him, he's not an animal killer, animal chaser, garbage getter in to - or whatever. He tends to be a wanderer to the back 40 but not a fighter...unless he's guarding on OUR hillside - he's gotten whooped pretty good being on other farms b/c he knew his role and backed his partner in crime is a hell cat - (a puppy trouble on - but why Winston?

    I mean he's gonna be fine - I've seen so much worse at the vets offices, but he's just not feeling good and he's hurting and he's MY baby - I wasn't happy when the goat was killed - he was THE ONLY dog who had no blood on him, hence he stayed alive....he lets the baby goats crawl all over him and aggravate him....he was SO good when I shaved his backside and cleaned him up and dressed his's really not that major - I've included a pic of one side and highlighted the parts I can see on the picture where they are "holes" - there's that many on the other side and both sides down further and to the outside of his just irritates me that it was him - we brought him home 7-2-02 he was 5 wks old - we brought his sister home and she's the one we had to put down. We got married 2 yrs to the day later and my son has given him nine kinds of heavens and he takes it like such a good boy. He never offered to growl or bite while I took care of him - he cried...but never any more. He loves to ride on the fourwheeler - I'll have to find one of those pictures for ya - he LOVES to ride in the bucket of the tractor and has been known to jump out of a moving tractor to kill snakes...he's goofy but he's my baby...

    Idk why I'm so upset - I've done the same, but it's never been to a friendly dog - only to dogs who cause trouble or try to hurt us or livestock....

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    oh poor thing! I just this morning caught our dog wondering off through the neigborhood, we all watch out for everyone's animals and help keep them contained as needed.

    I am so sorry someone did that to your dog :( :hug:

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    that is sad.....hope the dog ...will get better soon..... :pray: