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    Oct 26, 2008
    Maddie's full name is Glendowen Madaline. She was bred by one of the top dairy studs in Australia. She was shown successfully as a youngster, and retained in the herd for several lactations (not entirely sure how many) before being sold to another stud breeder. This next owner had her for the majority of her life, and she became a highly decorated doe winning lots of shows as well as recieving milk awards. At 8 years old, she did not settle after being rebred (her last kidding was triplet bucks with no problems). Her owner tried for a year to join her but in the end decided her kidding days were over, and sold her as a pet to a local lady who had horses but loved goats and wanted one for a pet.

    Unfortunately, this lady bit off more than she could chew. She was unprepared for the fencing required for goats (she thought the goat would stay in two strands of electric, after all the horses do) and she also thought that the goat would be happy to graze on weeds, and not need any grain or hay. Well this resulted in a hungry doe who went through the fences and pinched the horses grain, which resulted in an unhappy owner. Owner tethered her - which made her even hungrier and very unhappy. Her owner advertised her for sale and I answered. To this day I am not sure why I responded. The ad said something like 'pet goat for sale, tethers well, $40'. I emailed asking for a picture, and I was suprised when she looked like a really good type of goat. So I started asking questions and got the last stud owner's phone number, talked to her etc.

    I picked her up in June this year. I drove for about 11 hours each way (did it in one trip over 20 hrs :drool: ) in my Nissan Pulsar, with Maddie riding on the back seat on the way home. My thoughts were that it would be great if, with a little hormone treatment, I could get her to breed. If not, well at least I can give her a better home.

    She is honestly the sweetest goat I have ever met, she is a big dag, she loves going in the car and I have now trained her, all I do is lead her over and say 'Maddie hop in' and she hops in. She either sits down and snoozes or she sticks her head in between the two front seats and watches where we are going. She is registered as a therapy pet so she does appearances in hospitals, nursing homes, schools etc.

    When I got her she was emaciated and weak. She has no teeth left, so I got her on a good grain ration and kept her penned and rugged for about 5 weeks before I let her out to free range. She is looking a lot better now.

    Funny thing has happened though. I was planning to join her a few weeks ago, it had taken me a while to access good British Alpine semen, when I looked at her udder and went 'What the heck?' it looked different to when I got her. It looked ... like it was filling. I took a photo and compared to the udder photo of when I got her ... yep certainly different. I got curious and squeezed a teat, yup, milk.

    Hmmm, but I havent joined her. So my thought was, false pregnancy. But then I woke up in the middle of the night a few days later and remembered a funny incident. About 3 1/2 mths ago she was out free ranging. Dad was in the garden, and he yelled out to me, 'hey, your new dairy goat must jump, she's now in the bamboo paddock' (which now I think back had the angora and boer buck in it). Anyway, I was busy doing an assignment for uni (I didnt realise at the time she was in with the bucks) and I came out about an hour later to retrieve her, well she was back where she should be. At the time I thought dad might have seen from a distance, you know how sometimes you see an animal you cant tell which side of the fence it is on? But now I'm thinking that she may have jumped in, got lucky and jumped back out again.

    Anyway, enough rambling, photo time

    When I got her: skin and bones



    And now, with a bit more weight on (she kept following me, so I couldnt get a great show)


    The dry udder when she first arrived


    The springing udder now


    Pregnant, yes?

    There is no possibility that she could have been pregnant when I got her - she had been isolated away from any other goats for a year when she was a 'pet' before I got her. Interesting to see whether the boer or angora buck got her - I think the boer buck may have been too short to physically reach, but then again I've seen what can happen when little guys are determined and persistent lol
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    Oct 18, 2007
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    Keren, That is a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. It is amazing how the Lord puts us together with animals like this, and he does it because he now you would sure love her forever.
    Now when i had my 15 year old doe, she would fill yo like that every now and then also. The best thing to do is try to get a good BUTT shot. Need to see her Vulva to get a better idea if she is pregnant.

    She sure is a beautiful goat.

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    She is very pretty. She looks alot like my Alpine X milker, Dora.

    I am so glad that you now have her!!!
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    Terrific story Keren! :type: Check your PMs
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    Bless your heart for taking her in. Now she has a wonderful home with an understanding mom!!