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    Oct 4, 2007
    Just so you know you arent going batty, I did switch some things around and added stuff.

    There is a new section "All things Animal" we had some confusion over where to place discussion on animals other then goats and they kept getting posted in the forsale section of the "other barnyard animals" I moved the "precious protectors" under that heading as well as it seemed to fit better then under "general info"

    I moved the 4H & FFA forums to under the "general info" where the "show circuit" is to keep continuity.

    I moved the breeder section as well.

    Please note that the crafy cabin is now under "all things fun" that is a place for discussion of crafts but under the forsale section there is a place to sell your "personal creations" so take notice of the difference.

    Heres hoping that all can find things easily or more easily then before :)

    I don't take to many suggestions for additions but will entertain some guarentees it will happen though ;)
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