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    Well I have told you about my two ND babies girls.. they are now 2 mo old and Mom has gone back to her home..

    My question is: what have you done to basically tame or befriend a goat that is not people friendly...

    Cassy- is doing good, if you sit down and wait she will come to you and want to be petted and held..

    But Chloe, No way No how, you got to chase that little bugger to catch her and she is quick..

    treat don't work- like they do with all our other goats... Animal crackers work every time with everybody else.. LOL but then to all but 2 of them were bottle feed.. and they are still not the type that come to you but nice thing is they do not run away as much as they use too.. ( Nanny- we have had for almost 3 yrs and is 6 yr old and Jeni was one in May and have had her since May)

    So how can I help these two little girls to feel safe with us, they are in the house part of the day and sleep in the house at night and in the kid play yard the other part

    Thank you for any input...
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    well since her sister is a bit more welcoming of your attentions that is helpful.

    What I do for skittish goats is sit and talk to them - make sure they are not in a large area so they have to be somewhat near you.

    Night time tends to be a good time to just walk out and sit in their pen or in their barn. I would sit on the box i had in there and I could easily pet the goat I needed to. THey are less flighty at night in a dark barn. I dont chase or grab I just pet and gently place an arm around them - but they are free to run away if they choose to. This way they know that they can leave on their own and not forced to stay. This freedom really helps to gain their trust as they learn they arent trapped when you are around. It becomes a choice.

    Now I see you bring them in at night -- is it that cold out that they cant stay outside?

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    I agree with Stacey :)

    My only advice is to spend as much time around them as possible so they get used to you and no longer perceive you as a threat. Go into their pen and start doing other things like cleaning, checking fences, building a new toy, etc. and don't pay any attention to them...they'll eventually get curious and want to come "help". And, yes, try not to chase any of them unless you absolutely have to because this just reinforces their prey mentality.
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    I catch the goat and hold it in my lap....the goat struggles to get away....but I won't let it.... I then ....start scratching between the horns....favorite spot.... Also I talk to it in a calm voice....when the goat starts to get comfortable with it..... I let it go......I release any holding tension... at that time...the goat may get down right away or stay there a short while..........if it wants more scratching I give it ...but they have the option to go... if they want to.... I do this on and off.... eventually ...I sit in a chair....and the goat comes up on their own and wants to be scratched.... between the horn area... if they do come up to you...hold your hand out......when they come near...and want to be scratched ...give them that scratch....I notice they won't let you touch them anywhere first.... but after a while of working with can try other areas to scratch... start giving the treats... for reward.... Good luck... :wink: