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Our land is farmland (ugh). With this in mind, I would love to plant tons of goat-friendly stuff in the areas that aren't fenced in yet and do my best to get it 'ready' so when we do fence it in, hopefully we'll have some established forage!

Things that grow good here:
Raspberry (explodes!)
Maple and Oak trees, though that would be a LONG term thing.
Lilac (poisonous? not? Can't find a definite answer so probably will not plant)
Mint (explodes!)
Poison Ivy (uuughhhhhhh)
Lots of pine (would they grow fast enough? Miscarriage risks? We could plant in only one pasture and keep the pregnant does out of them until post-kidding.)

Obvious annual grains, clover - any other annual stuff that will either re-seed or grow quick? Traditional garden stuff like tomatos and lettuce? Of course I understand we won't actually get anything for ourselves from them but I don't mind.

Anyone done this? Any tips?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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