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    Jan 31, 2010
    i'm interested in becoming self sufficient and was wondering if anyone grew or mixed their own feed. i found recipes in "raising goats for milk and meat- rosalee sinn". does anyone have recipes? i'm looking for one that i can grow all the ingredients myself in ohio. so i was thinking:
    indian corn (which is a hard corn like dent corn but colored and no dent)
    dried peas
    chopped/dried turnips
    chopped/dried beets
    sunflower seeds
    along with hay, cornstalks, sunflower stalks. any ideas?
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    I got fed up with the feed comanies (no pun intended!) Purina to be specific (they don't put if their feed is medicated on the bag only on the tag) and I started feeding my goats my own special mix

    Bucks and wethers need ammonium chloride though, you can order it through hoeggers. It's so they don't get urinary stones.

    I feed beet pulp without mollasses (add water) and it ups their milk out put (have no milking does yet, but my friend swears by it) also rice bran and alfalfa cubes which I thoroughly soak. I have free choice minerals and baking soda in the field for them too. Hope this helps and if you find something else you think works good let me know

    I do not use corn because I feel it's a waste of nutrition, most of it never gets full digested because of the hard outter shell.

    I want to add barley to my feed mixture next trip to the feed store.

    I also cut branches of trees I know will not be toxic and let them go crazy with them. Make SURE they arn't toxic. I also venture out on leashes with my goats on hikes and let the eat stuff I am sure isn't toxic aswell.

    They seem happy and fat on what I feed.

    There is a GOOD chance they will not like it the first few times you introduce it to them, just keep trying and the eventually will eat it!

    I would love to continue a discussion on natural feeding/growing feed! Just drop me a line on my e-mail ([email protected]) if you want too or IM me. Title it GOAT FEED DISCUSSION so I don't just delete it as spam. :wave:

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