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Mamma Nacho is due on Halloween

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But I'm not 100% sure she's going to make it that long? She's started to bag up already!

I love this girl, I spent some one on one time with her today letting her eat some goodies from the backyard. :)

nom nom

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She has such a sweet face. When ever she pops I hope it's easy and uneventful.
I agree. She does have a sweet face. And those horns are too cool! Good luck with kidding.
Strike the halloween due date! I just heard from her previous owner she was bred May 17 so she's due mid October! 1 month to go.
:eek: What a doll!! Hope that both the rest of her pregnancy and her kidding experience are uneventful and full of :kidred: :kidred: :kidred: !!!
She's only ever had daughters. If she has a boy I think the lady who gave her to me wants him. :) Which is fine with me. I just love my Momma Nacho!
Well day 150 is the 14th. So she could go anytime now! I'm now officially on Mamma Nacho Watch!
Prayers for an easy delivery are on the way?
LOVE HER HORNS!!!! wishing you a happy, easy kidding! can't wait for baby pics!
Those horns do look cool!... just wondering.. are you going to dissbud the kids or 'let em grow'?
My daughter is so upset! Her bio dad flew into town last night and she's spending the next 10 days with him. lol On the other side of the Island. She missed Clouds kidding because she was in school and now that we have one due on break she's going to miss this one too! I told her maybe Mamma Nach will hold out a couple extra days and have the baby when she gets off break.
Those horns do look cool!... just wondering.. are you going to dissbud the kids or 'let em grow'?
I will let them grow, we don't disbud. :) I am a horn lover.
uh-oh....hopefully Nacho holds out for your daughter.

i'm a horn lover too!
Oh and need name ideas!

Moms name is Mamma Nacho or "Nach". Her daughters name is "Nacho Junior/Baby Nacho" or "Baby Nach". lol

So if she has a boy I'm giving him to the lady that gave me her and her daughter. So girl names only.

"Queso" or maybe "Dulce de leche (Dulce for short)"
Heres some photos from a few minutes ago:

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I feel no ligaments anymore... So she should be in labor soon right?

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Aww pretty girl.. Those horns are cool!! What breeds make them like that? Never seen that before.
As for the ligs.... Dunno. Is her udder tight?
Her udder has been full for a couple weeks now. lol

She is a feral goat, so who knows! lol In Hawaii we have all sorts of feral goats, she was captured by someone as a young goat.
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