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Mamma Nacho is due on Halloween

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But I'm not 100% sure she's going to make it that long? She's started to bag up already!

I love this girl, I spent some one on one time with her today letting her eat some goodies from the backyard. :)

nom nom

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Her udder has been full for a couple weeks now. lol

She is a feral goat, so who knows! lol In Hawaii we have all sorts of feral goats, she was captured by someone as a young goat.
If you can pinch any skin from the udder, she may still have some time left.. But she looks close.

Thats cool about the feral goats.
My sannen cloud didn't bag up like this till after birth!
I would be so worried if one of my does did that... LOL I'm used to near exploding udders BEFORE birth :p
what a cute face!!!! I wanna kiss that nose!

sounds close, any goo?
Nope, no goo yet!
Quesadilla , Chimichanga...this is making me hungry...
She's due tomorrow. How far overdue can a doe go before I need to talk to a vet?
I just took this. What do you think?

Plant Fawn Terrestrial animal Groundcover Grass


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Well I set her up in her kidding pen with a large dog kennel full of straw (the pen is on a concrete slab) a bucket of fresh water, minerals, lots of hay, and a bowl of "treats" (alfalfa cubes, pumpkin seeds, barely, sunflower seeds and some veg) It's all stuff she gets so it shouldn't upset her digestive system. She seems pretty happy!
I can almost touch my fingers together when pinching the base of her tail.
I'm looking toward to seeing the baby/ babies :D hope everything goes well
Her hips are looking hollowed out a bit and she's made some grunting noises and is biting/scratching at her sides. So I hope this is a sign that the baby(s) are coming soon!
She should kid by to tonight or tomorrow morning
She is soooo adorable ! Good luck kidding !
21 - 40 of 103 Posts
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