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Mamma Nacho is due on Halloween

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But I'm not 100% sure she's going to make it that long? She's started to bag up already!

I love this girl, I spent some one on one time with her today letting her eat some goodies from the backyard. :)

nom nom

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She's getting restless.... when you notice that she starts to paw and dig up her bedding, she's getting uncomfortable. When she is ready, you will know because of how attentive you are to those little differences in her behavior :)
She is nesting she is trying to find a comfortable position to give birth she is in early labor. They are a lot like people lol.
I'm ready to see a baby :D......come on Nacho!!:)
Come on Nacho! Hooping for an easy quick birth so you all can get some sleep tonight
Sigh NO! Her ligs have been gone for days. Her vulva is slightly open. No goo, no liquid. She's peeing every 5 minutes, pooping every 2 minutes. Up and down down and up... Her tail is curved down a bit.

Baby is still moving around.

She was due on the 14th, so she's only 3 days "late". Her original owner thinks she might kid on the full moon.
she's going to wait for the lunar eclipse for sure. stupid doe's code. lol
or their owners TGS friends. hahahaha
Other than her hollering ALL morning since the sun started to peek through the darkness. No. In accordance with the does code, I am now wishing for torrential flooding and rain, thunderstorms, earthquakes, heck where I am volcanic eruption. I think that unless ALL those things happen at once, there is no chance of her having the baby. But I am 100% sure if those things happen THAT'S when she'll choose to kid.

today's the day! lunar eclipse is happening today, so it'll be today! (I hope I'm
All I know is that her udder is now leaking everytime she lays down from the pressure of her legs on it. Poor Nach! She's very very cranky. "I want bonbons, I want truffles, I want candybars". Okay not really, just the goat version of that. And "I have to pee and I don't wanna do it in my pen" every 5 minutes. Oh and "This water isn't fresh enough I want fresher water".

What a diva. And lookie who just does whatever Mamma Nach tells her to? :eek: :hammer:
Mamma Nach's mamma, Dayna???

c'mon little lady, start active labour already!!!!!
Come on mama we wanna see baby pics
Oh and to top off my fun day, Cloud (in my avatar pic) is in heat, and thinks somehow we can make baby goats together. I'm making her skip this kidding cycle due to her still being underweight, and she is LOUD and driving me insane.
:ROFL: have you been peeing on yourself lately? :ROFL:
No babies yet but her vulva is open...

Carnivore Liver Fawn Snout Terrestrial animal


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