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Mamma Nacho is due on Halloween

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But I'm not 100% sure she's going to make it that long? She's started to bag up already!

I love this girl, I spent some one on one time with her today letting her eat some goodies from the backyard. :)

nom nom

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Oh and see this storm coming? I bet that if she kids today, it'll be during the worst part of this storm.

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I have HAD IT. So of course, it started storming. Like really storming. Her roof busted a HUGE leak and she was soaked, screaming and in labor. Yeah. Of course!

So I have this area for my grow out meat rabbits out my back door. It's an old macaw aviary that I brought from Alaska.

So I cornered off the young buns, cleaned it out (in the storm and dark of course) hauled straw and hay through a dark orchard with nothing but a freaking flashlight, put down fresh bedding, walked a screaming and wet goatie to the macaw aviary and here she is now. She complained about the change in location, but snuggled right into the fresh dry bedding and calmed down. Best part is now I can see her from my back door! Which is off my living room. =)

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That is one large bird cage! The good news is that labor during a big storm is one of the last steps in the Doe Code. Happy kidding. :D
You should see the macaw aviary I have now. It's 25 feet long, 10 feet tall and 13 feet wide. I wish it was bigger, but it seems okay for my two boys!
I would love to have an aviary like that someday!

Sooo... Any kids? :D
Not yet. Her vulva is open to about the size of a quarter around when she's "pushing"? I don't know. This is only my second kidding. This is her fourth.
When she has contractions, you'll see all her muscles tense up, especially in her lower back area. I have been dubbed the 'Goat Midwife' by my family, because when my does are pushing, I let them push on my hands to get better 'traction', since our current kidding stalls have a cement floor. (Obviously we put straw on top, lol)

Has she had any amber lookin' goo? When my doe kidded this year, she had a TON of goo that was a light brown color.. Kids were soon after.
No goo, but I've heard that's not unusual for her. She is def having contractions, I can see her whole body kind of "seize" up.
That sounds like contractions for sure. How long has she been having contractions for?
On and off all day. She stops for a while, then starts up again. Her ligs went a few days ago, then came back, then went away this morning again. I felt her abdomen and the baby feels like it's in proper position. She doesn't seem to stressed out.
Could be pre labor, also. Hopefully she goes today! :)
She had her kids about two hours AFTER I went to bed. I woke up at like 1130pm in a benedryl induced haze to my husband shaking me "I think she had her babies". So I stumbled out there and yup! 1 boy that is a tri color and a black and tan girl.

I'll post more photos in the birth annouc section!
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FINALLY!!!!!!! they're so incredibly cute!!!! i'm in love! :love:
They are adorable
Yay!! Finally :D very cute babies .... Congrats!
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