Mammary System

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    Here is part 2 of my college notes

    In order for lactation to occur estrogen and progesterone hormone levels decrease while prolactin, growth hormone and adrenal corticoids increase.
    Cow, goats and sheep all have one streak canal per gland

    In the picture the thing that looks like grapes are called Alveoli. The clusters that contain the alveoli are called lobules. Alveoli is kind of like the brain of this whole thing
    The streak canal is made up of smooth muscle fibers that are formed into a sphincter
    The medial suspensory ligament is so important when supporting the udder.
    The process of milk let down starts Epithelial cells line the alveoli which synthesize milk.
    Milk is then collected into the alveolus lumen which then travels down the ducts, collects in the cistern and is forced into the teat cistern which is then expressed thru the teat canal.

    Did you know it takes 500 liters of blood to produce one liter of milk. Crazy!

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  2. Wow!!
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    Yes..its amazing isnt it? I loved that part of my studies. Who says God isnt amazing? Who ever thought of the amazing molecular structures that work together to create!
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    I was just looking at the picture. It looks just like the tree of life.
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    Well...for a is the TREE OF LIFE! LOL
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    Its amazing how God creates everything this way