Marmy Kidded 1/29

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    Oct 3, 2010
    Well my doe Marmy kidded, I'm happy and sad. She had a single tan buckling with a white spot on his head and floppy ears, He also has 2 single teats. I originally thought he was a white buckling with erect ears, I couldn't have been more wrong. So I waited for a second kid and she passed the afterbirth. Darn! no doeling :roll:

    Introducing HWF Duck and Cover A.K.A Ducky

    This was his first pic ^

    Life of a bottle baby in the house in front of our couch at about 3 hours old

    Ducky drinking from his 'Dew bottle

    Ducky not wanting to have his picture taken

    I shaved his head so I could disbud him the next morning, About 2 minuites after I shaved him my Mom says "I want to keep him to be a buddy for Peanut". Peanut is our only goat with horns (Not counting pets Mook & Clarice) because she was too small to be disbudded when we got her at a few days old. So I told my Mom she would have to be separated from the rest of our herd as she already uses her barely 2 inch horns to her unfair advantage.

    So Ducky will become a resident Wether here at Hidden Waters Farm. He is 75% Saanen/25% Alpine. I think he looks like a fainter, also when he hears a noise he falls to the ground on his belly, Hence the name Duck and Cover. But its not possible he is a fainter or cross.

    Marmy is doing great! We let her see Ducky every day fir visiting. We dewormed her with Valbazen (no milk withdrawal date) so we cant drink her milk or make cheese from her this year, but we still weigh it and record it unofficially on a candy store scale. She produces 14 cups of milk a day, Each cup weighing .500 lbs.